Thursday, March 25, 2010

Democrats Use Threat of Violence to Silence Opposition

You don't have to be a scholar of communist revolution in Russia or the writings of Karl Marx to understand that to have a successful revolution, you must control the message. This was never an issue for the encroaching left until Fox, internet, and talk radio. I do feel that the left never understood how powerful the medium was until they saw the tide turn drastically against them during the health care debate. However, they have now had a couple of days to rest and have decided that they will not tolerate this dissent anymore. As you know, one of the few limitations of speech is doing something like screaming fire in a movie theater. Now suppose you extend the theater to be as large as the nation and "fire" to be figuratively interpreted by the government to be whatever it wants. Also suppose you have a marxist administration that is not afraid to be as loose with the constitution as possible. What you end up with is the current tactic by the left to try to paint the protests of the center and right to be violent and of concern. Clearly, this is an attempt to take the focus off of their agenda and on to false issues. I, however, see this as the beginning of their long term goal of silencing protesters and radio. They already have some things in the works for radio and the internet, so don't be surprised when this happens. Everything that anyone ever thought this administration would be capable of has come true, this is no different. Also, as all radio hosts are pointing out today, the left has had the market cornered on violent protest since the 60's

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