Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dreaming of Eternity

Having accepted Christ, I will spend eternity with the Lord in Heaven.  The concept of Heaven has been a source of interest and speculation for generations.  Truly for me, all I need to know is that I will walk and talk with Christ in some sort of existence.  However, I did find myself daydreaming about what the day to day walk would be like in Heaven.  With each aspect, the question of "will there be a day or night, will we walk...." is implied, so indulge me.  Will Heaven be like exploring a map with no borders, no street names or cities.  With eternity, does it matter that you set out on a journey and return to your point of origin after a million years.  With eternity, do you enjoy conversations more.  Wouldn't you be able to hang on every word spoken by another person without thinking about the next appointment or making sure you get your opinion in.   If you left an acquaintance, would you miss them.   Do you have a home.  I'm sure there would be no shortage of dwellings.  Do you just stay in any place that is vacant for however long you want.   What is the purpose of walls, what are you keeping out.  This is more fun than dreaming about the lottery.

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Kansas Bob said...

Living in a timeless existence breaks my brain.. hard to imagine life with no time.