Monday, March 29, 2010

Hutaree Raided by ATF, Charged with Sedition: What about Mosques

In a previous post, I mentioned that the Obama administration will now move toward silencing the opposition.  This morning, news broke that a "christian" militia group was raided with 9 taken into custody.  This group, called the Hataree, were initially only quoted from their website as saying that they would defend themselves and other Christians as well as defend the Word.  I immediately wrote a blog that said it sounded fishy and a little bit of a stretch for them to get raided.  I removed my post when it came out that they were planning attacks against police, which is indefensible.  I would not want to appear in any way to support such a thing, which I still do not.
However, it is now coming out that they are being charged with sedition, conspiracy to commit violence.  Now that sent me right back into smelling something fishing.  Of course, our good friends at the ATF, responsible for the deaths of 20+ children in Waco, TX, were responsible for the raid.  Now, we must certainly take action against those that intend to commit violence, but I question how sedition is being used here.  How many left activist have threatened and even caused violence.  Hello weather-underground and Obama's good friend, David Ayers.   How many mosques are preaching hate and violence against our government.  So, is it not odd that a "right wing christian" group would be the source of our first charge of sedition in my memory.   This is scary stuff.
Scarier still is to read the indictment.  I wonder why this hasn't been applied to the left.  Why we haven't heard a case since 1961 of the Smith Act being applied.
Hataree indictment pdf


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Yeah, killing cops. What a good idea those Hataree patriots came up with. Good Christians. Sickos.

jrchaard said...

Sickos indeed, and the perfect target for sedition. But what be intellectually honest, what is the difference between these people and Islamic extremists who actually have a track record of violence. If you removed actual labels and replaced them with a variable, and then did a blind logic test, it wouldn't add up as equitable. c

Battle Beads said...

I would strongly caution Christians not to hand out reasons on silver platters to the ‘authorities’ that would justify them coming down on us full force. As Christians, we need to remember what Jesus taught. Yes, we can DEFEND ourselves … this does NOT mean to cause harm FIRST. If just HALF the effort of organizing violence was put into SERIOUS PENANCE & PRAYER, I think it would do a world of good … in this world AND the NEXT!
God save the USA!

jrchaard said...

I agree battle beads. As a christian, I would not support an organization that would support such violence. As a defender of liberty and in the tradition of our founders, in does not behoove anyone to take on the tactics of terrorism. Terrorism says that there is no mandate of the people. We still have our ability to revolt by vote.