Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Care Bipartisan Doublespeak of Obama

Last week, our esteemed master of diplomacy that would cross the aisle more than the mavricky McCain, held his first discussion with Congressional Republicans.  Pundits warned the Republicans not to step into the wolf's den as it would only be a photo op for Obama to say that his health plan was bipartisan.   In the growing litany of Obama doublespeak, unilateral is bilateral.  That's right, as correctly predicted, Obama is now packaging his bill as a bipartisan piece of legislation in that it will include a "few of the republican ideas".  Now, the fact that not a single Republican will vote for this bill does not diminish the the "bipartisan" nature of the bill.    Will the elephants ever learn.  In the end, Obama will drive this bill through using the nuclear option which allows a simple majority to pass the bill.  This bill will be the largest change in our daily lives to be passed by government in some time.   Again, ask yourself this, if the largest problems we face are unemployment, the economy, and the war on terror, why is it that Congress and Obama's biggest priority is to pass health care legislation that a majority of people oppose and never asked for to begin with?  The answer, it isn't about health, it is about control and "reshaping" this country.

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