Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hutaree - Christian: What Was the Ft Hood Shooter.

I don't want to get caught up in a debate on whether or not Christ would support the planned actions of the Hutaree.  That is easy, he wouldn't.  I don't recall Jesus meeting with his disciples and discussing plans for abducting Roman soldiers and killing them.  The controversy here is how the message is being conveyed by the media and the government.  Why is it that the media and government are so quick to tell you that the Hutaree are allegedly "Christian."?  Before you answer that question, you must also ask yourself why it took the regular media a long time to make any connection between Nadal Hassan, a.k.a Ft Hood Shooter, and Islam.  Why is it that despite overwhelming evidence that Hassan considered himself an Islamic soldier, that it took months for the government to openly admit such a connection.  This is the first overt attack on Christians here, and the Hutaree don't have to be Christians to be part of the attack.  They could be satanists for all we know, but so long as the media and the government call them Christians, its all the same.   I have not heard the word Hutaree mentioned once without also saying Christian since this story broke.  Let's use our heads here and see the plan.  I wouldn't put Hutaree and Christian myself.


Kansas Bob said...

They do self-identify at Hutaree.com

jrchaard said...

So did Hassan. That's my point. Identify yourself as christian, and it will get press. Identify yourself as muslim, and nothing.

Kansas Bob said...

Guess I didn't see his website.. something about having it in writing.. but I do hear what you are saying about the bias in reporting.