Friday, March 19, 2010

Movie Ideas from the Headlines

Feeling creatively inspired, I thought I would have fun and try to come up with some movie ideas taken from the headlines.  Let's see if they are ever made.  

“Welcome To”
With tourism to Mexico down 49%, the cause is attributed to the increase in violence along the border from drugs.  So now imagine the US sends a man and woman FBI team to investigate the murder of an American couple.  While there, they meet the leader of one of Mexico’s drug cartels.  In the volatile encounter, the kingpin says “look, if you want to solve your case, you’re on the wrong side of the border”.  The FBI team follows the leads and they are taken straight to the governor of Florida’s office.  They learn that the governor has been acting on behalf of the tourism industry in Florida to ruin Mexico to bring tourists back to Florida during the sluggish economy.  The Governor has commuted the sentences of many convicts and supplied them with money and weapons in exchange for their random acts of violence. 

Based on the real events that unfolded the scam that was climate change, a local conservative radio host spends his evenings at home, after his kids have gone to bed, trying to hack into the leading academic center in the world leading the climate change movement.   The quest turns into an obsession, driving a wedge between himself and his wife, who suspects an online affair.  The host cannot reveal his true mission as his wife is a government worker with the EPA.  One day, he comes across the payload of e-mails showing a concerted effort to hide and change data to perpetuate the climate change movement.  He discovers that instead of it being an attempt to take over government, it was merely a way for researchers to get grants and other funding.  His wife takes his computer to her office one day to have a friend try to find his lover, only to discover his true motives.   It is immediately flagged to the head of the EPA, himself part of the money grab, who then uses EPA agents to hunt down the host and kill him.  Before he is tracked down, the host manages to leak the e-mails on the internet, and it is too late.  As he is shot, a montage of news events showing how his work unraveled a ring spanning the globe, culminating with a shot of Al Gore being taken into police custody.

“Vampire’s Stake”
In a kind of Divinci Code movie, a young youth pastor starts to see an increase in the mainstream discussion of vampire movies and novels.   He tolerates it at first, until several of his youths are caught up having accidently killed one of their friends while playing out scenes from the movie.  Suddenly, the congregation wants answers to an issue they previously didn’t care about.  They blame the youth pastor since all of the kids were in his youth group, and he is fired from the church.  He decides to go undercover and find out what is alluring about this lifestyle.  Since he is still young, he joins another church and joins the youth group.  He makes friends with some of the “goth” kids and they take him in.  He begins to emulate the appearance of these goth kids.  One of them invites him to a ritual, where all of his convictions are tested during a drug and lust filled evening.    Later, the youth pastor investigates the homeowner where the party was held.  He could find nothing.  As he went to more parties at other homes, he started to see the connections as all were board members for a small movie studio.  Through a series of connections, he found that these studios were the source for material and funding for the various vampire movies and novels.    All of these came from a single writer.  The pastor continues his investigation only to find that the writer is an actual demon.  The Demon’s agenda is to provide youths with an alternate view of eternity appealing to their sinful nature, to keep them from turning to Christ.  The two have a struggle in the room whereby the pastor dispatches the demon with a  prop stake that was on the demon’s desk, evil spirits pour from it body leaving the human shell it once occupied bloodied on the ground.

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