Thursday, March 4, 2010

Movie Monday on thursday: Charlie Wilson's War

If you need a movie to solidify your opinion that Congress is a sleezy fraternity/sorority of con-people, then I suggest Charlie Wilson's War.    Don't get me wrong, I did find it entertaining and it did spur me to research the historical facts of the movie.  However, what do you get when you mix hollywood writing with a story of a excentric congressman?  The answer is excessive swearing, countless sexual references, and needless nudity, all of which did not add positively to the storyline.  The movie's story is worthy of at least reading on wikipedia.
Charlies Wilson's War tells the story of a liberal Texas congressman that spearheaded the congressional funding of what turned out to be the most expensive covert operation in US history, the arming of the Afghanies against the Soviet's invaders during the 1980's.  The operation provided stinger missles and other arms that crippled the Soviets, causing them to withdraw.  The expense of the war contributed to the Soviet collapse.  Of course, no mention was made as the the Reagan administrations participation, as if congress alone through funding controls the operations of the CIA.  The efforts of Charlie Wilson, know as good time Charlie by his colleagues, led him to receive the Most Honored Colleague award from the CIA, the first time a civilian received the award.   Wilson was motivated to action as a result of visiting an Afghanistan refugee camp in Pakistan.  The movie shows Wilson working with the CIA Afghanistan Desk man "Gus" to gather the funds and network needed to provide the arms, while the skirt chasing Wilson fights off his own scandals back home.
I do appreciate a liberal that was willing to fight for such a good cause.  The ending of the movie highlights the real tragedy that took place under Bush 1 and the Clinton that in the absence of the Soviet occupation, we did nothing to help Afghanistan afterwards, thus allowing the seeds of the Taliban and Al queda to take root and control this nation that we now find ourselves involved in our own 8 year war.


Kansas Bob said...

Been a while since I saw that one but remember it to be enjoyable. Where do you think we would be today if Charlie had not got us so involved?

jrchaard said...

communism would have collapsed anyways and maybe there would be no Taliban

Kansas Bob said...

My thinking as well. Maybe the same lesson for the Iraq War or our modern day Afghani War?