Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Movie Review: 17 Again

Recently, my wife has become more interested in watching movies again with me.  Therefore, we have watched several movies that I wouldn't normally put on my own list.  One of these movies was the post high-school musical project for Zac Ephron, 17 Again.  Let's face it, the idea of either going back in the past or being young again is nothing new.  People always wonder what it would be like if you had a second chance at your adolescence, knowing what you do now.  I thought Napoleon Dynamite treated this concept well with Uncle Rico buying the time machine only to have severe groin pain.  With all that being said, I still had a good time watching this movie.  It was entertaining, not overly crude, and fun.  My favorite aspect of the movie had to do with Ephron's best friend.  Despite his character being the most popular at school, he was still best friends with the nerd, and remained best friends as adults.  The nerd grew up to be a filthy rich software writer that was able to indulge in all of his sci-fi/sci-fantasy merchandise collection dreams.  He had a land speeder bed and vulcan ears.  At one point, as he nerdly courts his now 17 again friend's principle (he posed as the father to get him into school), he discovers that the principle also speaks elvish from the Lord of the Rings.  It was funny for a fan like myself.  The movie all plays out as you would expect, but it was still worth the watch.

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Kansas Bob said...

I have it on my NF queue and was considering removing it.. guess I will keep it on. We recently were surprised by Couples Retreat.. better flick that I thought.