Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pelosi Baptizes with Democrat Swamp Water

I'm not foolish enough to take a congressperson at their word when it comes to corruption regardless of their party. I will, however, call them out when they passionately act out of hypocrisy. So, let’s go back to 2006 when Nancy Pelosi said she was going to have the most ethical congress and she was going to drain the swamp of GOP corruption. Her shining example was that of how the GOP handled, or didn’t handle, the Mark Foley case. Foley was conducting himself in inappropriate ways with the young male pages. He ended up resigning and his case was the rallying cry to sweep the bums out and the other bums back in. So now, in 2010, we have the chairman of the house ways and means committee, Charlie Rangel, steep into corruption. The most they did was have him temporarily step down from his chairmanship. And to show the hypocrisy, Eric Massa, also now known as tickle me Massa, resigns after it is learned that he conducted himself inappropriately at a wedding. Of course, if that was it, the dems wouldn’t quite be hypocrites. It was learned that Massa has a long history of such incidents and it was known by house leaders who did nothing, just like the GOP leaders that did nothing to Foley.

Being a man of faith, I don’t want to say that it is hypocrisy. I don’t think the GOP and Dems are operating out of the same motives. You see, I think that what the Dems have done is created a new religion call health care legislation. This religion requires sacrifice to appease it’s god, Obama. Many Democrat members of congress will sacrifice themselves at the altar of health care legislation. Lord Obama also requires a purging of blue dogs from the party to preserve its purity. And most importantly, the blood of health care washes away all sin. Somebody like Charlie Rangle’s sins are washed away. But if you aren’t willing to accept health care, like Massa, then you are left dirty and exposed.

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