Monday, March 22, 2010

What Does the Health Care Bill Contain?

Is health care for 30 million people worth the sacrifice for the other 300 million people.  Do you realize that there will be 16,000 IRS agents hired to enforce HEALTH CARE RULES.  Doesn't that sound odd to you.  I just watched this movie, 7 Pounds, where Will Smith poses as an IRS agent to get information on people.  I know it is just a movie, but the look of horror and deference on the people’s faces when he shows his badge is possibly the most realistic aspect of the movie.  It is no coincidence that the IRS will be the army Obama uses to enforce this un-American legislation.  What else you get is a first from the federal government.  Now, by penalty of law, you must engage in an act of commerce.  Again, it is no coincidence that this has never happened before at the federal level because it is unconstitutional.  Our constitution does allow Congress to regulate interstate commerce.  Commerce, however is an activity in which people voluntarily engage in.  Commerce is not an inactivity.  If I choose to not engage in commerce, I’m not affected by whatever legislation Congress may have passed to regulate that activity.   The Health Care bill now forces me to engage in an activity.  This is clearly a violation of the powers of congress and the reserved powers clause.  Now, you can see that they think they can get by with it because the commerce happens to be health care, but when you fail to follow the law and leave it up to human interpretation, it could extend to anything.   If, for example, Congress can regulate the transportation of pornography as it travels across state lines, couldn’t they then compel you to purchase said material.  That sounds ridiculous, but what’s the difference.  Can you name a single difference aside from what is being purchased.  There is no limit if we let Congress do this.  It’s a simple equation.  Congress can regulate product A in both the purchase and non-purchase of product A.  You can substitute anything for product A.  The reason why our Constitution has endured for so long is that the equation regarding product A does not exist as it is being interpreted.

For additional information in a Q&A format, This link will take you to the times analysis of the bill

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