Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Obama and Government Forsake the Law

It has been very difficult for me to understand how it is that our current President and Democrat majority can so easily forsake the codified law of our nation just to push their agenda.  The constitution is all about restraining the federal government's power.  It's the idea of restraint that finally made me realize why I should not be surprised.  These same people have demonstrated no restraint at all when it comes to our budget, with record deficits, despite the harm it is causing our economy.  So, it actually makes sense that the Democrats would not respect the restraint the constitution imposes on their power.  I have to give them kudos for at least being consistent and predictable, so long as you think like pond scum.


Kansas Bob said...

I would probably expand this to include all career politicians. I hope that you will join me in November in voting against all incumbents.

jrchaard said...

That will be real easy for me. I have not incumbents that I would vote for anyway. And I certainly agree that busting the budget has been party neutral.