Friday, April 30, 2010

Why Requiring Illegals to Do Anything Won’t Work.

Now that Obama’s plan to stir up race relations and unrest in the form of immigration reform has come to the forefront, we are now being deluged with all the various schemes the left is hatching to make it look like amnesty will work.  The propose that the illegals register, but must go to the back of the line.  The illegals must pay a fine and get Id.  The illegals must do this and that and these and those.  The truth is that it doesn’t matter what the left says they will require illegals to do in order to grant them amnesty.  An illegal alien entered into this country against the rule of law, choosing not to undertake the various legal routes available to them for entry.  They exist off the Grid or are on the grid using false identification.  Why would we think that millions of people that chose to violate the law and live outside the law would suddenly comply with a law that would require registration and the paying of fines.  Also, why would an illegal choose to register where their employers would then have to pay them comparable wages, which is the reason they are here to begin with, to do work for employers that want to pay below minimum wage for manual labor jobs.  The left’s approach to solving illegal immigration is like a store trying to deter theft by making their prices cheaper and hoping the thieves will suddenly develop a conscience.    It is like passing gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  THEY ARE CRIMINALS and don’t follow the law.  All you do is limit access to guns to those that would use them for legal means.  If a bank were administered the same way as our immigration policy, there would be no walls.  Your money would be left out for all to have access to.  Most people would respect your money, but with no walls and little security, hands will come and steal your money away right in plain view.  Illegals are stealing jobs, but even worst, they are stealing state treasuries.   

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charlie Crist Becomes "The Thing" Candidate and Runs as Independent

John Carpenter created a scary Antarctic thriller with “The Thing”, starring Kurt Russell. In this movie, some sort of strange alien life form moves from person to person impersonating the host. Once discovered, it gruesomely erupts from the host body and moves to occupy another one. So there you are talking to your buddy one moment, and the next moment you realize he is an alien as his body dissolves before your eyes. Similarly, the Republican party is full of “The Things”. They pose as that good ol conservative you voted for, but once they get in office, you see that they aren’t as conservative as you thought. The only way to expose them is to run a full on conservative against them in the primary. If the Thing Republican starts to trail by double digits, you will see a gruesome explosion of their true selves as the leave the party and run as independents, just as Charlie Crist is now doing in florida and Scozzafava did in New York. I mean, by all appearances, they are carrying the Republican standard, but the thirst for power that infects them once they are in office creates a totally different life form altogether. Hopefully we will see these Things for what they are, alien invaders that need to be snuffed out at the polls.

Do You Dream? Do You Have Recurring Dreams? I Do

Dreaming, I have found, is as varied an experience as I think I have come across in life.  As you get older and you share your dreaming experience, you realize that what you figured everyone experienced is not the case.  Some people don’t dream at all.  Some people dream, but don’t remember much. Some people, like myself, experience dreams in a very vivid form.  Dreaming is such a real and full experience to me, it is almost like a whole other life where I maintain the memories of many dreams as if they really happened.  Sure, there are some scary or disturbing dreams, but as a whole, I am an addict.  I often feel bad for the people that miss out on this experience. 
I have also learned some patterns about my dreams.  People, things, or events that I come across during the day that I don’t think about before I go to bed often pop up into my dream.  So, if I don’t want to dream about scary things, I just have to think about them before I fall asleep.  I often get bummed if I think about something that would have been good to dream about because I know that I won’t dream about it.  Dreams, like movies, have a large cast of principle players and background actors.   I have found that most of the background actors are high school people.  I have also found, as many others have, that my dreams have a recurrence.   These recurring themes are fun to share, so I thought I would list them:

1.       Nuclear War – I don’t know why, but this has been a recurrence for as long as I can remember.  These dreams come in three phases.
a.       Pre Blast – I spend my time trying to gather supplies, guns, water, and shelter
b.      Blast – There is a countdown to the blast and I usually wake up because in the dream, I am dead.   Sometimes, instead of denying death, I turn and face the blast and my death.
c.       Post Blast – this assumes I survived, I forage through the wastelands trying to survive and find supplies
2.       Tornados – These are usually fun.  A tornado could happen at any point in my dream.  All of the sudden, I see a funnel lower out of nowhere and I busily scramble to get everyone in my dream undercover.  Sometimes there is a straggler that doesn’t make it.   Once under shelter, I then hang on as the structure around me is destroyed while the tornado passes.  Better than an amusement park ride.
3.       Returning to High School – I used to have this horrible dream that I would return to high school because somehow I didn’t have enough credits to graduate.  I would then have this self loathing feeling because I had to go back.  Once there, I always had trouble finding my classes and my locker.  I wouldn’t find my English class so  I would skip it and tell myself the whole time, it doesn’t matter because it is just a dream.
4.       Current Return to High School – now, when I go back to school, I have graduated and I am there to visit or teach.  I don’t know why this changed, but it did about 2 years ago.
5.       Missing Luggage – One that I hate is where I am on a trip, like the ones I went in high school for ROTC, and as I get to the airport, I realized I don’t have all my uniforms packed.  Fear of exclusion and reprimand and panic consume me as I try to figure out how to get them and get them in time.
6.       Guns that won’t fire – I often dream about combat of some sort.  In this combat, I have a gun and when I go to squeeze the trigger, nothing comes out.  I then have to dispatch all of my opponents with a knife.  I would rather shoot.  I think this comes from when I would play paintball and as I patiently waited for my pray, when I would shoot, the balls would explode in the tube and I would get shot.
7.       Decreasing flight ability – Everyone that can dream loves to dream about flying.   If, by chance, I happen to be able to fly in my dream, I find that like peter walking on water, my belief in my ability to fly is not enough to keep me in the air.  I go from flying to tall leaping and then to nothing. 

Are you a dreamer?  What kind of recurring dreams do you have.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Movie Review: The Proposal

When I realized that Sandra Bullock was playing the older woman in a romantic comedy about such a thing, I felt old, even though I am the age of her 12 year younger love interest.  Aside from that, I had fun watching this movie.  The Proposal is a movie about a powerful publishing executive and her devoted and abused assistant (think devil wears prada) and how they come to fall in love.  Bullock plays the cut throat executive that finds out she is being deported back to canada for not completing her visa.  This is funny to think the US would deport anyone.  And, according to formula, she can stay so long as she is married to a US citizen.  Bullock ropes her assistant into the scheme without his knowledge and the comedy ensues as they have to convince the ICE agent and Reynold's family that they are a couple.   They are forced to spend the weekend at Reynold's family home in Alaska, where the barriers they had erected between themselves fall down as they fall into each others arms.  Even thought it was a formula movie, it still offered many laughs.  I liked watching the uneasiness turn romance between Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.  I endorse the watching of this movie  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Styles that Don't Make Sense

When you live in a large metropolitan area with surround suburbs and rural areas, you get to see a wide range of fashion sense.  There are, however, a few style designs that do not make much sense no matter where you live, and I often wonder what career aspirations the holders of these styles have.  Here is my list in no particular order.
  1. Mullet - Nothing says out of style everywhere like a mullet.
  2. Male Pony Tail - I saw a guy yesterday that had one of these.  I'm not talking rocker quality pony-tail, but regular cut all around, but with a pony tail in the back.
  3. Gauges - I think that is what you call the extremely large piercings people get on their ear.  How do you explain that to your grand kids.
  4. Visible tattoos - I am against tattoos because, again, how do you explain it to your grand kids.  How do you explain it to your employers or customers for that matter.  I would say 1 in 100 tattoos are tasteful and not overbearing.  I exclude you from the list if tatting up is a benefit, like if you build motorcycles.
  5. Spandex - If our skin doesn't conceal our flaws, why wear a material that amplifies them. 
  6. Heels - I know that most woman wear them at some point, but why would you choose to wear foot wear that causes you pain and disfigurement, just to gain a couple of inches.
  7. Flat rimmed ball caps - The rim of a ball cap is meant to be curved, not flat.  The proper curving of the rim is what makes a ball cap look good.  
  8. Over-sized sunglasses - I think that it is funny that when it comes to glasses for vision, people try to make them as inconspicuous as possible, but when it comes to sun glasses, the bigger the better.
  9. Shoulder pad - woman, if you have any clothing with these in them and you are younger than 60, please remove the pads or get rid of the outfit.  A woman is not meant to look like a football player
  10. Printed t-shirts - I am an offender of this rule, but when you think about it, what does a printed t-shirt do more than a plain t-shirt aside from providing free advertising for whatever it is that you are wearing.  If it is a celebration t-shirt, you should be able to wear it for up to 3 years after the event.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Trusting Your Wife's Instincts

This weekend, my car broke beyond repair, so I had to buy a new one.  Friday evening, I went through craigslist and sorted through all cars within my price range, creating a list to call the next day.  Saturday morning, as I opened my computer, I felt the strong sense that I should involve my wife at this stage instead of just the test drive.  Dave Ramsey and so many others say how important a woman's gut is, and I'm not speaking about abs.  So, with my wife sitting next to me, I asked her to use her gut and evaluate my list.  She did so, and we removed some from the list.  I then went through the list and called the numbers and nothing was worth a look.  My wife and I then proceeded to go back through the listings again.  Independently, she sent an e-mail to one asking for more info.  The owner then called our phone and 30 minutes later, I was test driving what would become my current car.  I felt an unbelievable peace in trusting her instincts and we both felt comfortable with the purchase and the process.  My car my break tomorrow, but I'm glad I brought her in early.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Slavery on Four Wheels

Admittedly, I am not a car person.  While I do have a dream car, a modest Jeep wrangler ;), I view cars as merely transportation from one place to another that can be done relatively inexpensively.  I realize that this view differs quite a bit from America's love of cars and the freedom they offer.  But when did that freedom turn into slavery?  This morning I saw an add for a Land Rover LR5.  The add said that they start at around $699.00 per month for 60 months.  For the median income in the US, that equates to being 25 cents of ever dollar going toward a car payment.  I realize that the Land Rover LR5 may be considered a luxury car, but have you ever looked at an apartment complex parking lot and seen how out of whack housing cost to transportation costs are.  You need only listen to Dave Ramsey for one day to realize that so much of what causes financial slavery is the 4 wheeled beauty sitting in one's driveway.  And you also know that Dave's advice is to sell the car and get a "beater".  Unfortunately, this lesson comes to late in these people's lives.  How many youths get sucked into the slavery of a car loan right out of high school.  Because it is such a part of culture, like the 30 year mortgage, people just think that a car payment is something you will do your entire life. Think of how much money you would have for retirement, or a house, or other things if you didn't spend 25% or more of your take home pay on transportation costs.  Imagine the prospective Land Rover buy investing $700 a month or paying off the principle on their home.  These payments are the slavery we sell ourselves into, but it is also the slavery we can avoid and break out of.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obama Administration Targets the Salt of the Earth

Is this just a veiled assault on Christians?  I don't think so, but I am really getting sick of listening to the news every frickin day and hearing how the Obama administration is going to take over this or regulate that or change this or tax that.  IMPEACH this man now.   He is the single most destructive force to face our nation since the civil war.  I do believe that they are employing the tactics you hear about on the radio, where the administration overwhelms the people with one left wing initiative after another until the opposition is fully fatigued.  I am fatigued.  I haven't even blogged as normal.  So, I understand if people voted for this maniac despite all the warnings because they were swept on the wave of "hope" and "change".  While I think these people should not be allowed to vote for the next 30 years, I can at least understand their naivety.  Now, however, if you happen to still support this Obamanation of a leader of free people, I have no respect for you and our values must be so divergent that I couldn't possibly have anything in common with you.  I want to wear a pin and a bumper sticker on my car that says "If you voted for Obama, I choose to not converse with you while I still have that freedom."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Urgency and Reality of Hell: A Call to Christian Atheists

In a discussion last week about Christian Atheists, I heard a phrase that interested me.  “The urgency and reality of hell”.  This phrase was in reference to the apathetic approach to faith of the Christian Atheist.  It is a kind of belief to say that one has their whole life to get things in order with God and that even if they don’t, they will still be given some sort of last chance to make that choice.   It is the kind of belief that I heard described as God not being big and scary enough.   The new testament takes a different approach in highlighting a very real urgency of hell.  First, Christ says do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough to worry about on its own.  I take this to mean that you are to take things one day at a time.   If you take things one day at a time, as if you have no other days, the things that are truly important will become your daily focus.  If following God and the belief and acceptance of the resurrection is truly a priority, you will live it out before all other things, before you even worry about your meals or where you will sleep.  Secondly, the people of Christ’s generation, as they still do today, were looking for signs of the end times, when God’s judgment would be final.  Of course, the irony here is that the people sought signs from the very person that came to offer salvation.  Christ’s response was to say that a wicked and perverse generation seeks after signs.   I believe that seeking after signs can offer the apathetic Christian or atheist the opportunity to procrastinate on their relationship with Christ.  If they know the day of the 2nd coming, they can simply live their life however they would like so long as they make things right before that day.   The irony in this circumstance is that they are gambling that they will live to see that day and will not die before hand, which stresses a lack of the urgency and reality of hell in their belief.  Christ says that the end times will come like a thief in the night.  He is saying again that you should live your life each day as if the judgment is coming that day and that hour.   Beyond that, it becomes a distraction from the urgency and reality of hell. 
The real message is that our lives begin in death and unless we make a choice, we will end in death eternal.   If our earthly end comes before we make that choice, the result is death.   Do we not take God seriously.    

Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama's 2012 Re-election Strategy: Repulican Landslide in 2010

When you assess the positions and strategies of Obama during his presidency so far, you can only come to a couple of conclusions to what his motives are. At face value, he is operating from a level of arrogance not seen in American politics. His total disregard for the will of the American people was clearly on display. Starting with the cool reception of the bailout and the take-over of the auto-industry, he went on to tackle a matter that seemed inconsequential at a time of job crisis, the wildly unpopular healthcare legislation. He has now gone on to strike an unpopular arms deal and alter our strategic position, allowing our enemies to know in which ways they can strike us without fear of a nuclear retaliation. Next up are the also unpopular agenda items of V.A.T. tax, Cap in Trade, Amnesty for Aliens, Internet Regulation, and Fairness Doctrine. Clearly, this is the most extreme and ambitious left wing agenda ever pushed forth and it comes at a speed that would make Hugo Chavez jealous. The real motivation of passing all of these is about weakening our country and our individual liberties.
Obama’s agenda has caused many casualties along the way. Most recently, the infamous pro-life of abortion rights Bart Stupac has opted not to run for re-election. He is just one of many to make a similar decision. But now, I think it is no longer a matter of arrogance alone. I now believe that the speed and force with which Obama has approached his agenda is directly tied to his re-election strategy for 2012. To guarantee re-election, Obama must have a Republican majority in Congress just as Bill Clinton did in 1996. Let me lay out how this will play out.

1. Obama needs a Republican majority. They can’t simply gain seats. The only way to do this is by sacrificing the whole party by ticking off the American people.
2. Obama will become a centrist for 2 years leading up to 2012.
3. Obama will use the short memory of the Americans to put distance between himself and his legislation.
4. Obama needs to have the Republicans so that he can play against them. With the republicans in power, he has more of an ability to blame them and put distance between himself and Congress.
5. Obama needs to only win 1 more election to get 4 lame duck years as President. His hope will be to gain a democrat majority in his last 2 years and that is when the real radicalism will show itself.

Our only hope is that Obama has mis-judged the American people and we will not play right into his hands the way we did in 2008.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Excess of HomeSpills into Washington

How do you explain a successful brain surgeon husband and a successful Lawyer wife in debt up to their chins.  When you consider the cost of schooling alone, this couple could start off in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  Then, factor in the cost of starting up practices, essentially small businesses.  Also, because nobody that just spent 30 years of their life in school wants to live in an apartment or drive a beater, you have to factor in the cost of a nice home and automobiles and the cost of engaging in similar society, and you have a couple that could be making close to 400k a year in salary so deep in debt they cannot see straight.   What you have in this situation is not an income issue but an expense issue.  A family like this could easily overcome their debt if they simply controlled their expenses.   Couples like this cringe at the thought of giving up a car or something else.  Instead, they may opt to take on more cases or see more patients.  What follows with the increase in income is an increase in expenses.  Why not slash expenses, pay off debt, and then increase spending while managing a balanced budget. 
So why would we expect anyone in Congress to do the same radical thing.  Our government is simply operating the same way as our households?  We rack up debt and fail to cut expenses despite the lack of income.  Those of us that do make such a decision are often looked at with  scorn.   Maybe we need to get our houses in order to send Washington a message.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is Online Gaming Responsible for Obama?

It is clear that so many people are content with a subsistence living. It is clear that for the first time, we have generations of people that are content with not achieving the success of their parents. Why is it that the young would be complicit with this shift. I have a theory, online communities. From the Sims and World of Warcraft (WOW) to Call of Duty and Madden, so much social interaction can be carried out from the confines of a small bedroom desk. Hollywood fantasizes about the idea of living by proxy through such films as Avatar or Surrogates, where a person lays down and is hooked up to a device where there brain receives all the stimulation as if they were actually experiencing life, except without the risk. In reality, this type of life is played out all over the world when one flips on their computer and enters the fantasy of WOW. I remember listening to a person say they used their vacation time from work to increase their standing in WOW. The appeal is obvious, you can live out a life where your imagination is the only limitation. What do you need in order to live out this kind of life
1. Bathroom
2. Food
3. A bed or other sleeping area
4. Computer with internet.
5. Some place to reside
6. The means to acquire the first 5 items on the list.

These items can easily be obtained through unemployment, disability, living with parents, or some sort of minimum paying job. All other possessions or accomplishments will be obtained virtually. I mean, it is one step away from the Matrix. So, when so many liberties are being taken away, when so many opportunities to succeed are being limited, whole generations of people could care less so long as their WOW is unaffected. These generations simply say to themselves, why bother fighting here when I can live online however I want.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Movie Review: 2012

Suppose you take a vehicle.  It doesn’t matter what vehicle.  It could be a car or plane.  Now throw a fractured family into it trying to escape a crumbling planet.  Suppose that the crumbling only happens like a wave where everything in front of the family vehicle stays intact while everything behind the vehicle  totally collapses right behind the back wheels.  The only exception being buildings that may fall in the path of the vehicle, but these buildings are of such poor construction that the family car can drive right through them.  Of course, in this world, 2 flying lessons qualify you to fly a twin engine plane from take off to landing, taking evasive maneuvers and avoiding a stall, then graduating to being a co-pilot of the world’s largest jet.   And in this world, similar to that of Star Trek, there is no language barrier.  Everyone speaks English when needed.  Also, introduce the conspiracy of the elite to build Ark’s to survive the pending doom.  The elite guard their survival so much that they kill anyone that threatens their plot.  This is also done at the sacrifice of 6 billion people as none of them are made aware.  But, at the very last second at the most critical moment, the conscientious person convinces the captain of one ark to lower the security ramp to save a mere thousands or so of people, jeopardizing 3 years of planning.   And back to fractured family. Since there hasn’t been any standard nuclear family portrayed in a catastrophe movie in 20 years (Armagedon,  Independence Day, Knowing, The day the earth stood still……), let’s have hostile kids to their father who ends up winning their trust and affection in the end.  And since Dad has been reinstated, you have to eliminate Mom’s boyfriend that you spent time getting to like so that Mom and Dad can get together in the end.   Now, you have the plot to the very cheesy movie 2012.

Monday, April 5, 2010

QuikTrip: From Free Air to Buffalo Chicken Bites

Let me start by saying I love QuikTrip. QuikTrip inspires a fanaticism of brand loyalty I have not seen in any store. What is unique about this loyalty is how adamant people are in their praises when discussing QuikTrip. Anytime I mention QuikTrip, the conversation to follow revolves around people mentioning their favorite aspects of patronizing this chain of gas stations. The evidence of their success is visible all around. They have remodeled their interiors to cash in on their growing business in food products and beverages, which is where they make their real money. Because people stop in for food, it follows that they will get their gas there as well. Of course, which came first, the cheaper gas or the food. I’m going to speculate that since QuikTrip always has the cheapest gas around, that the consistency of cheaper prices is what cultivated the following. But what QT did at the pump extended to the visit inside. I have seen QT’s torn down just so that a larger one can be built. I even know of one that in addition to extending its number of pumps, it actually created a parking lot to handle the volume of customers. I am now going to list my favorite qualities of QuikTrip. Feel free to offer up your favorites or not so favorites.

1. Free Air – Because I am cheap, the fact that I could get air for my tires free is what drew me to QT
2. Cheap Gas – QT always has the cheapest gas out of any gas station around.
3. Fountain Drinks – I don’t know how they do it, but QT has the highest quality fountain drinks, not to mention their variety of flavors of soda, frozen drinks, shakes, and coffee. As an added bonus, their cups are high quality. I use the same cup for a couple of weeks
4. Cleanliness – The pump areas are clean, well lit, and the pavement is always in good condition. The interior is open and well merchandised. Floors and food stations are constantly cleaned.
5. Employees – The caliber of employee at QT is a cut above your standard convenience store. They are professional and well spoken, and the QT counter is always well staffed. If the slightest line forms, an associate magically appears to alleviate the line.
6. Pump Start Card – Since the days of trusting patrons not to drive off without paying for their gas is over, those of us that use cash to pay for their gas have been inconvenienced with having to go inside, pay cash, fill up, and then go get your change. QT allows you to swipe a card to let you fill up first and then pay inside.
7. Food – For quick food, QT has some good choices. For the longest time, I enjoyed the jalapeno smoked cheddar sausage. Now, they have introduced hot dog sized buffalo chicken bites, 2 for $2.00, and that has become my spicy craving. But even their regular dog is good, not to mention their deli sandwiches.
8. Locations – They have friendly locations all over and you know that you are going to get the same quality no matter which one you go to.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Are Easter Day Giveaways Good for the Kingdom

I have a natural aversion to excess or materialism in faith.  I think a church should exist in physical forms to meet the needs of having a congregation meet for service and support its ministries.  If money comes in beyond what is budgeted for these purposes, I think they should be further applied to the ministries as opposed to stuff.  In that light, I am opposed to Easter Day Giveaways.  I remember going to a service at a church before I was saved.  They were doing drawings for things like bikes.  Later, I would think of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers.  I felt that such a lottery lessened the church and cheapened the message.  The shame was that the drawing was followed by a powerful passion play.   
This morning, I watched a story on Fox & Friends about a mega church in Texas giving away over a million dollars in prizes during their more than 10 services and several locations.  The prizes include cars and flat screen TVs.   I understand the goal is to bring people back to church so that they can hear the Message, but isn’t it under false pretenses.  Did Jesus trick tax collectors into allowing him to come into their home just so that they could hear the Message.  Did Jesus tell the man to give up all of his possession so that they could be auctioned off?  Doesn’t appealing to such a material nature go against Christ’s message of shedding off the things of the world to be better followers.  When I heard that over a million dollars is used for such a thing, I was sad.  I’m no communist, but this money could be used better in spreading the message than this?