Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charlie Crist Becomes "The Thing" Candidate and Runs as Independent

John Carpenter created a scary Antarctic thriller with “The Thing”, starring Kurt Russell. In this movie, some sort of strange alien life form moves from person to person impersonating the host. Once discovered, it gruesomely erupts from the host body and moves to occupy another one. So there you are talking to your buddy one moment, and the next moment you realize he is an alien as his body dissolves before your eyes. Similarly, the Republican party is full of “The Things”. They pose as that good ol conservative you voted for, but once they get in office, you see that they aren’t as conservative as you thought. The only way to expose them is to run a full on conservative against them in the primary. If the Thing Republican starts to trail by double digits, you will see a gruesome explosion of their true selves as the leave the party and run as independents, just as Charlie Crist is now doing in florida and Scozzafava did in New York. I mean, by all appearances, they are carrying the Republican standard, but the thirst for power that infects them once they are in office creates a totally different life form altogether. Hopefully we will see these Things for what they are, alien invaders that need to be snuffed out at the polls.

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Kansas Bob said...

Guess time will tell which guy (if either) will win in Florida. Also will see how much influence the Tea Party has amongst independent voters.