Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do You Dream? Do You Have Recurring Dreams? I Do

Dreaming, I have found, is as varied an experience as I think I have come across in life.  As you get older and you share your dreaming experience, you realize that what you figured everyone experienced is not the case.  Some people don’t dream at all.  Some people dream, but don’t remember much. Some people, like myself, experience dreams in a very vivid form.  Dreaming is such a real and full experience to me, it is almost like a whole other life where I maintain the memories of many dreams as if they really happened.  Sure, there are some scary or disturbing dreams, but as a whole, I am an addict.  I often feel bad for the people that miss out on this experience. 
I have also learned some patterns about my dreams.  People, things, or events that I come across during the day that I don’t think about before I go to bed often pop up into my dream.  So, if I don’t want to dream about scary things, I just have to think about them before I fall asleep.  I often get bummed if I think about something that would have been good to dream about because I know that I won’t dream about it.  Dreams, like movies, have a large cast of principle players and background actors.   I have found that most of the background actors are high school people.  I have also found, as many others have, that my dreams have a recurrence.   These recurring themes are fun to share, so I thought I would list them:

1.       Nuclear War – I don’t know why, but this has been a recurrence for as long as I can remember.  These dreams come in three phases.
a.       Pre Blast – I spend my time trying to gather supplies, guns, water, and shelter
b.      Blast – There is a countdown to the blast and I usually wake up because in the dream, I am dead.   Sometimes, instead of denying death, I turn and face the blast and my death.
c.       Post Blast – this assumes I survived, I forage through the wastelands trying to survive and find supplies
2.       Tornados – These are usually fun.  A tornado could happen at any point in my dream.  All of the sudden, I see a funnel lower out of nowhere and I busily scramble to get everyone in my dream undercover.  Sometimes there is a straggler that doesn’t make it.   Once under shelter, I then hang on as the structure around me is destroyed while the tornado passes.  Better than an amusement park ride.
3.       Returning to High School – I used to have this horrible dream that I would return to high school because somehow I didn’t have enough credits to graduate.  I would then have this self loathing feeling because I had to go back.  Once there, I always had trouble finding my classes and my locker.  I wouldn’t find my English class so  I would skip it and tell myself the whole time, it doesn’t matter because it is just a dream.
4.       Current Return to High School – now, when I go back to school, I have graduated and I am there to visit or teach.  I don’t know why this changed, but it did about 2 years ago.
5.       Missing Luggage – One that I hate is where I am on a trip, like the ones I went in high school for ROTC, and as I get to the airport, I realized I don’t have all my uniforms packed.  Fear of exclusion and reprimand and panic consume me as I try to figure out how to get them and get them in time.
6.       Guns that won’t fire – I often dream about combat of some sort.  In this combat, I have a gun and when I go to squeeze the trigger, nothing comes out.  I then have to dispatch all of my opponents with a knife.  I would rather shoot.  I think this comes from when I would play paintball and as I patiently waited for my pray, when I would shoot, the balls would explode in the tube and I would get shot.
7.       Decreasing flight ability – Everyone that can dream loves to dream about flying.   If, by chance, I happen to be able to fly in my dream, I find that like peter walking on water, my belief in my ability to fly is not enough to keep me in the air.  I go from flying to tall leaping and then to nothing. 

Are you a dreamer?  What kind of recurring dreams do you have.

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