Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is Online Gaming Responsible for Obama?

It is clear that so many people are content with a subsistence living. It is clear that for the first time, we have generations of people that are content with not achieving the success of their parents. Why is it that the young would be complicit with this shift. I have a theory, online communities. From the Sims and World of Warcraft (WOW) to Call of Duty and Madden, so much social interaction can be carried out from the confines of a small bedroom desk. Hollywood fantasizes about the idea of living by proxy through such films as Avatar or Surrogates, where a person lays down and is hooked up to a device where there brain receives all the stimulation as if they were actually experiencing life, except without the risk. In reality, this type of life is played out all over the world when one flips on their computer and enters the fantasy of WOW. I remember listening to a person say they used their vacation time from work to increase their standing in WOW. The appeal is obvious, you can live out a life where your imagination is the only limitation. What do you need in order to live out this kind of life
1. Bathroom
2. Food
3. A bed or other sleeping area
4. Computer with internet.
5. Some place to reside
6. The means to acquire the first 5 items on the list.

These items can easily be obtained through unemployment, disability, living with parents, or some sort of minimum paying job. All other possessions or accomplishments will be obtained virtually. I mean, it is one step away from the Matrix. So, when so many liberties are being taken away, when so many opportunities to succeed are being limited, whole generations of people could care less so long as their WOW is unaffected. These generations simply say to themselves, why bother fighting here when I can live online however I want.


rtfgvb757 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Troy said...

You are overstating the obsession over video games, or not.

"Russian Boy Allegedly Kills Dad Over Video Game Ban
After the killing, the boy's frightened mother gave him the keyboard back and the boy played computer games for several more hours until he fell asleep, Biryukova said."