Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama's 2012 Re-election Strategy: Repulican Landslide in 2010

When you assess the positions and strategies of Obama during his presidency so far, you can only come to a couple of conclusions to what his motives are. At face value, he is operating from a level of arrogance not seen in American politics. His total disregard for the will of the American people was clearly on display. Starting with the cool reception of the bailout and the take-over of the auto-industry, he went on to tackle a matter that seemed inconsequential at a time of job crisis, the wildly unpopular healthcare legislation. He has now gone on to strike an unpopular arms deal and alter our strategic position, allowing our enemies to know in which ways they can strike us without fear of a nuclear retaliation. Next up are the also unpopular agenda items of V.A.T. tax, Cap in Trade, Amnesty for Aliens, Internet Regulation, and Fairness Doctrine. Clearly, this is the most extreme and ambitious left wing agenda ever pushed forth and it comes at a speed that would make Hugo Chavez jealous. The real motivation of passing all of these is about weakening our country and our individual liberties.
Obama’s agenda has caused many casualties along the way. Most recently, the infamous pro-life of abortion rights Bart Stupac has opted not to run for re-election. He is just one of many to make a similar decision. But now, I think it is no longer a matter of arrogance alone. I now believe that the speed and force with which Obama has approached his agenda is directly tied to his re-election strategy for 2012. To guarantee re-election, Obama must have a Republican majority in Congress just as Bill Clinton did in 1996. Let me lay out how this will play out.

1. Obama needs a Republican majority. They can’t simply gain seats. The only way to do this is by sacrificing the whole party by ticking off the American people.
2. Obama will become a centrist for 2 years leading up to 2012.
3. Obama will use the short memory of the Americans to put distance between himself and his legislation.
4. Obama needs to have the Republicans so that he can play against them. With the republicans in power, he has more of an ability to blame them and put distance between himself and Congress.
5. Obama needs to only win 1 more election to get 4 lame duck years as President. His hope will be to gain a democrat majority in his last 2 years and that is when the real radicalism will show itself.

Our only hope is that Obama has mis-judged the American people and we will not play right into his hands the way we did in 2008.

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Kansas Bob said...

I tend to agree with you Scott. My wife thinks that the country works best with a Dem president and a GOP congress - or the opposite. Might be right? Anywho, we know we won't get a conservative majority.