Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Styles that Don't Make Sense

When you live in a large metropolitan area with surround suburbs and rural areas, you get to see a wide range of fashion sense.  There are, however, a few style designs that do not make much sense no matter where you live, and I often wonder what career aspirations the holders of these styles have.  Here is my list in no particular order.
  1. Mullet - Nothing says out of style everywhere like a mullet.
  2. Male Pony Tail - I saw a guy yesterday that had one of these.  I'm not talking rocker quality pony-tail, but regular cut all around, but with a pony tail in the back.
  3. Gauges - I think that is what you call the extremely large piercings people get on their ear.  How do you explain that to your grand kids.
  4. Visible tattoos - I am against tattoos because, again, how do you explain it to your grand kids.  How do you explain it to your employers or customers for that matter.  I would say 1 in 100 tattoos are tasteful and not overbearing.  I exclude you from the list if tatting up is a benefit, like if you build motorcycles.
  5. Spandex - If our skin doesn't conceal our flaws, why wear a material that amplifies them. 
  6. Heels - I know that most woman wear them at some point, but why would you choose to wear foot wear that causes you pain and disfigurement, just to gain a couple of inches.
  7. Flat rimmed ball caps - The rim of a ball cap is meant to be curved, not flat.  The proper curving of the rim is what makes a ball cap look good.  
  8. Over-sized sunglasses - I think that it is funny that when it comes to glasses for vision, people try to make them as inconspicuous as possible, but when it comes to sun glasses, the bigger the better.
  9. Shoulder pad - woman, if you have any clothing with these in them and you are younger than 60, please remove the pads or get rid of the outfit.  A woman is not meant to look like a football player
  10. Printed t-shirts - I am an offender of this rule, but when you think about it, what does a printed t-shirt do more than a plain t-shirt aside from providing free advertising for whatever it is that you are wearing.  If it is a celebration t-shirt, you should be able to wear it for up to 3 years after the event.


Kansas Bob said...

I don't know about that first one. Joel Osteen has been doing okay sporting his business mullet.

And #6? They wear them for us.

jrchaard said...

osteen does have a nice business mullet. And he is master of the sincerity squint.

zackzilla said...

Spot on with #7. And it should be worn straight. Not cocked to the side. Straight!!

Kerry said...

I have been so misinformed. I thought it was Kelsie in fashion school.

SOB said...

I was waiting for my Dad to finally sit me down and explain to me the wrong doings of my grandpa for his tattoo... and tomorrow I will try and find out the career aspirations of the Regional VP of Microsoft in my office that wears heels everyday. lol.

Troy said...

#7 needed to be said. You need to strike #10 and never speak of it again. (celebration t-shirt must not be warn 4-9 years after, then 10+ is collectable)

jrchaard said...

The tattoos of Papas days are over, replaced with "sleeves" and such. I think of the big skull and knife on the woman's shoulder so that when she settles down and goes to her daughter's wedding, she will have to wear a jacket or when the grand kids come over to spend a day in the garden in the summer time, grandmas wrinkled tat has to be explained