Monday, April 26, 2010

Trusting Your Wife's Instincts

This weekend, my car broke beyond repair, so I had to buy a new one.  Friday evening, I went through craigslist and sorted through all cars within my price range, creating a list to call the next day.  Saturday morning, as I opened my computer, I felt the strong sense that I should involve my wife at this stage instead of just the test drive.  Dave Ramsey and so many others say how important a woman's gut is, and I'm not speaking about abs.  So, with my wife sitting next to me, I asked her to use her gut and evaluate my list.  She did so, and we removed some from the list.  I then went through the list and called the numbers and nothing was worth a look.  My wife and I then proceeded to go back through the listings again.  Independently, she sent an e-mail to one asking for more info.  The owner then called our phone and 30 minutes later, I was test driving what would become my current car.  I felt an unbelievable peace in trusting her instincts and we both felt comfortable with the purchase and the process.  My car my break tomorrow, but I'm glad I brought her in early.


Kansas Bob said...

You are way smart! What did you buy? A Yugo?

jrchaard said...

97 cavalier

Blogger said...

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