Friday, April 30, 2010

Why Requiring Illegals to Do Anything Won’t Work.

Now that Obama’s plan to stir up race relations and unrest in the form of immigration reform has come to the forefront, we are now being deluged with all the various schemes the left is hatching to make it look like amnesty will work.  The propose that the illegals register, but must go to the back of the line.  The illegals must pay a fine and get Id.  The illegals must do this and that and these and those.  The truth is that it doesn’t matter what the left says they will require illegals to do in order to grant them amnesty.  An illegal alien entered into this country against the rule of law, choosing not to undertake the various legal routes available to them for entry.  They exist off the Grid or are on the grid using false identification.  Why would we think that millions of people that chose to violate the law and live outside the law would suddenly comply with a law that would require registration and the paying of fines.  Also, why would an illegal choose to register where their employers would then have to pay them comparable wages, which is the reason they are here to begin with, to do work for employers that want to pay below minimum wage for manual labor jobs.  The left’s approach to solving illegal immigration is like a store trying to deter theft by making their prices cheaper and hoping the thieves will suddenly develop a conscience.    It is like passing gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  THEY ARE CRIMINALS and don’t follow the law.  All you do is limit access to guns to those that would use them for legal means.  If a bank were administered the same way as our immigration policy, there would be no walls.  Your money would be left out for all to have access to.  Most people would respect your money, but with no walls and little security, hands will come and steal your money away right in plain view.  Illegals are stealing jobs, but even worst, they are stealing state treasuries.   


Kansas Bob said...

Good stuff! Seems like one big problem is the length of our border and the other is the Mexican government and economy. Complex issue to solve. If I was a Mexican I might be a law breaker myself.

jrchaard said...

Like I've said it before, eliminate demand by eliminating minimum wage. As far as mexico, we do nothing to help mexico by offloading the people that are the most discontent with the state of things in that country.