Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama: If not for us, who is he for

For all previous Presidents, the question was always which direction they would take the country, more right or more left.  For Obama, the question must be revised.  It is clear that there is not a single decision Obama has made, nor statement he has made that has been to the benefit of this nation, both domestically and internationally.  The question is whether Obama is totally inept as a leader or he is purposefully flushing our country down the toilet.   I believe the answer is that it is purposefully done.  Since it is purposefully done, I then have to ask to what ends is this being done.  How does Obama and others benefit from the total destruction of our Nation and the world economy.  Is it about serving special interests.  I think not.  The most vilified special interest is Halliburton.  If the economy fails, it fails for them to.  The same for Big Oil and Big Pharmacueticals.  It is the same for big and small everything.  No, I think it is about the gaining and keeping by a very few, of the power to control the world through the elimination of national boundries and freedoms.  Think otherwise?  Tell me how what he is doing is good for our country?


Kansas Bob said...

Can you name any politician that is really different? I am leery of them all.

jrchaard said...

This is all new territory