Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama Selected to Serve As Vice Presidnet Of Mexico

I've taken a long break from blogging because, frankly, I can't stand this administration and am scared of the direction the country is going in.  When I see our President stand next to the leader of a nation that encourages its dissident citizens to violate our law and invade our country in the millions so as to alleviate the social strain and to reap the benefits of money sent back from its exported works, and that President then criticizes the citizens of a state of the union for which he has sworn to protect, my stomach turns.  But that is exactly what Obama did in a new conference yesterday.  The highest ranking officials in charge of examining such a law have admitted to not reading the law, while continuing to level criticism.  This nation has been turned upside down in just 16 months.  Obama time and again acts in the best interests of anyone but the United States, whether it be with Isreal and Iran, Russia and Nukes, domestic spending, and now Mexico and immigration.   And now to have the Mexican President lecture our Congress is like Mao lecturing us about our treatment of prisoners.   Mexico has a much more aggressive policy on immigration.  I'm so tired of the doublespeak War is peace, freedom is slavery.  

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