Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Would I Ask Obama At His News Conference

Today, Mr. Transparency, President Obama, will be having his first news conference in months.  If I were in the audience, I would like to ask him a few questions.
1. What is the definition of Day One.  Is it used loosely as your original book of the bible may be interpreted as?
2. When you took the oath of office, which country or organization did you think you were pledging to?
3. Why is there a delay in finding a home church?  Are you waiting for the mosque on ground zero to be built?
4. There are a number of traditions that President upholds.  Why did you pick breaking the tradition of honoring our fallen?  Could you not have chosen to skip the turkey pardon or egg hunt ceremonies instead?
5. Will you be traveling to Afghanistan to honor the fallen soldiers of Al queda
6. We all know of your passion for vacation.  Will you be traveling to the gulf coast to get some beach time in?
7. We now see that you used the power of voice to “plug the damn hole”.  Why have you not used the similar power of voice to create jobs. 
8. Is Joe Sestak a Liar?
9. When it comes to your current job, are you hoping for some change?
Rats, I just heard Rush beat me to the punch.  Oh well.


Kansas Bob said...

#3 & #6 seem to have been carried over from the last president.

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