Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who Does Obama Serve?

If I get this straight, Obama’s current move in nuclear relations is to declare to the world our quantity of active nuclear weapons. Well, this makes sense if you follow the progression. Let’s put aside the criminalization of terror and only focus on international relations with nations:
1. Elimination of the Missile shield in Eastern Europe - Over the last several years, the US had gained strategic advantage with the development of systems capable of intercepting and destroying nuclear missiles. We aren’t talking about the massive waves of weapons from Russia, but one or more missiles fired from a rogue nation like Iran. Our eastern European allies, who were amongst the remaining staunch allies of the US because of their past and burgeoning democracies, were to receive a missile shield to protect them from missiles launched from rogue nations that are quite close in proximity. Obama, in some strange move to show weakness before Russia, says they won’t deploy the shield.
2. Negotiations with rogue nations – In Obama’s new tone, we have accomplished nothing more than an Iran that has realized that no matter what line we draw, they can step over it without consequence.
3. De-Balling the Military – Following in Clinton’s foot steps, Obama is once again looking at reshaping the militaries stance on homosexuality. I’m not even going to discuss the morality of it, but just as woman are an undue distraction for a fighting force, making man love okay can create all kinds of issues in a barracks. Right now, men and woman live separately. Suppose they shared living quarters. Don’t you think some monkey business will go on, and is that monkey business good for a fighting force. Of course, now that Obama is also considering allowing woman to serve on subs, I guess we will see it both ways.
4. Non-binding Arms Agreements – Because Obama wanted to make sure that we appeared as weak as possible to the whole world, he thought it would be good to enter into an agreement with the Soviets (let’s not fool ourselves here) to reduce our arsenal of nuclear weapons.
5. Declaring Our Strategic Position – What good comes from telling the whole world how many nuclear weapons we have. Our enemies will not be doing the same. Instead of causing other nations to guess and spend lots of money trying to figure things out on their own, we will save them the time and money. It would be like in the 80’s, when the Soviets went bankrupt because of the cost they incurred due to the Strategic Defense Initiative, us telling them that it wasn’t real and they should save their money. There is advantage in stealth.
I suspect that our next move will be to provide maps online of the locations of our entire nuclear arsenal. I mean, Joe Biden ruined the secure bunkers that was built to shelter him in the case of a nuclear strike. Does any of this make any sense. When you look at all the actions of Obama, don’t you ask yourself who is he serving? To what benefit do we gain by his actions? I see none.


Kansas Bob said...

Compelling as usual JRC. Not sure I agree with you about gays in the military. They were there when I was in and there were no issues. I think the issue is protecting these who risk their lives from harassment. If policy needs to change to protect them from harassment (like dishonorable discharge) then I support it. If it is not needed then why change the policy.

When it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan I am not sure I see a major change in policy from Bush. Many on the far left believe that Obama should have bailed immediately on those two wars.

When I think of these things the good old McCain chorus comes to mind - Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb Iran.. now he would have been one scary Commander in Chief.. of course maybe you would have liked his hawkish policies? It would have been good for the DoD contractors. :)

jrchaard said...

At what point do we look at obama and not say what it would have been like had McCain won. I didn't do that with Gore or kerry. I can't stand mcCain either. At this point, I wonder how dangerous a position he has put my children in.