Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Blink – the Difference Between Life and Death

Put yourself in this situation: You are paralyzed by a sudden motorcycle crash and appear to be in a vegetative state. You have once mentioned to your parents that you’d never want to live life as a vegetable and they concur. In fact your dad says: "To keep somebody alive while they're suffering and they're not going to get better, it's playing God ... it's going against nature."

Right before doctors are about to unplug your life support you have a thought, “wait - I don’t want to die”. You frantically make all efforts to open your eyes and blink to get their attention. – It works they see you and ask, “Do you want us to kill you?” What, are they mad – why is that even still a question?

Later you regain more movement and your dad now says: “At the end of the day, you probably have no right to do that," he says in the program. "But now Richard's in the situation where that's actually happened. It's real life — it's not pretend.”

Yea, you get a chance to live – even paralyzed you better off than Terri Schiavo was with her husband.

Here is a link to your story:,2933,596688,00.html

It reminds me of a podcast by Ryan Dobson on Korcast - where he had Nick Vujicic who has a ministry helping others (and he has not arms or legs) -

Yes, Zulubuff you get one life to live – give it to God (whatever your lot) and you will not lose it.