Monday, July 12, 2010

Freedom of Worship Is Not Equal to Freedom of Religion

Since I have warned that we are in danger of losing out by failing to listen in, here is a valid alarm.

I heard an interesting word twist alarm via Chuck Colson. What is the difference between Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom of Worship? Chuck states, “I believe the administration is seeking to redefine the meaning of religious freedom, shrinking it to mean nothing more than the right to worship privately.” (I like the reference to the book 1984 - I never read it, but am reconsidering.)

Listen to his 2 minute warning link,

I recall hearing Obama, Hillary and Gibbs use the term. Don’t accept the redefinition to the core beliefs of our founding fathers.


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jrchaard said...

I used to quote 1984 many times in my blogs. It is a very good read. That and animal farm and atlas shrugged.