Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to assure every family member goes to heaven someday.

Driving back from Nebraska we heard a Family Talk broadcast ( http://www.myfamilytalk.com/ ) that featured a Ranch for children (Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch – 1 Radio Guest: Kim and Troy Meeder July 20, 2010). One young teen had asked her father if he believed in Jesus in his final days here on earth. It reminded me of why we drove to Nebraska this weekend.

Everyone wants to see their family members in heaven when they die, right? (At this point you may contemplate enacting the idea of purgatory for a select few. Hey, loose that pagan religion friend – Jesus paid it all.)

We have several relatives that we have not seen for years. Many that we do not know of their eternal salvation. Naturally our children want to know, is he saved, will we see her in heaven and so on. One unanswered name was weighing heavy on all of them. It came to a climax this weekend.

First, I couldn’t believe some spouses don’t know if their husband believes in Jesus. Second, I didn’t know how tough it would be to ask point blank. I found it easy to ask someone that probably believed, to warm me up. Then I asked someone else I randomly met, since I was on a roll. Lastly the time came to ask ‘the one’ we prayed for the most. We were all in suspense.
I asked God for the words to speak and they testified that they trusted in Jesus! We were so excited to hear it. No one can assure anyone’s salvation but their own. But if you have family or friends that you are unsure of, I assure you are just the one that should ask them.

How is your faith? Here is your site: http://www.aboutforever.org/
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