Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roman Polanski Teaches Kindergartners about Intercourse

When did you learn about the birds and the bees? Were you and your classmates taught about intercourse between two males in first grade? I was getting notes passed to me, “Do you like me?” and I thought, I had arrived. This is another story of it – this time in Helena, Montana (not San Francisco or L.A).

Quotes from the site: “beginning in kindergarten, school nurses will teach students proper terms such as ‘nipple, breast, penis, scrotum and uterus.’ Once they are promoted to first grade, children will learn that sexual relations could happen between two men or two women. By the time students are 10 years old, instruction will include the various ways people can have intercourse, be it vaginally, orally or through "anal penetration," according to the proposal.”

Oh, wait -You can have your kids ‘opt’ out - but never mind the 20 other boys in your second grade daughter’s class know how to tease her in unfathomable ways. I think I can already collect enough links to the daily reported classroom-sexual-acts to fill a book.

I’d imagine Planned Parenthood would be a hugely booming industry within a decade of this. Oh hold please - yes it looks like “staff from Planned Parenthood were included in the committee” that developed the material. (FYI: if you made it this far - I don’t know how fast you read but @ 4,383 abortions per day, I imagine Planned Parenthood killed at least three humans while you read this blog.)


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