Thursday, August 26, 2010

Obama's Mission Accomplished Moment: A Bush Redux

As the number of US troops draws down to 50k and the end of the combat mission in Iraq is declared, President Obama is set to deliver an oval office message to the nation.  Will he proudly tell us "Mission Accomplished" as bush erroneously did shortly after the invasion of Iraq was complete.  I wonder because as the telegraphed pullout ends, the violence in Iraq is increasing dramatically, with bombs and deaths of innocents.  Will Obama say Mission Accomplished as the US pullout creates a power vacuum and chaos ensues.  While I'm very excited not to have our boys in harms way, is it really a mission accomplished.  For George Bush, he was dramatically incorrect as the worst lay ahead for the United States in Iraq.  Bush was knocked off of his heels and it took several years and 2,000 lives for Bush correct course.  I wonder, however, if Obama were to declare Mission Accomplished in Iraq, and Iraq were to fall into Islamic fundamentalist chaos, if he would be incorrect.  From the average American's perspective, it would be a tragedy to see our American blood be for nothing.  I fear that chaos and and crisis is what Obama thrives on creating and exploiting.  As with all things involving Obama, a Mission Accomplished for him is a disaster for everyone else.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Hollywood and Reality Differ on a 'Hit'

Towards the end of the Godfather pt 2, Michael Corleone tells a pessimistic Tom Hagen that "if there's one thing we have learned through history, its that anyone can be killed."  Michael is 100% correct, when it comes to hollywood, but not correct when it comes reality.  This has become more apparent as we enter our 9th year of the war on terror.  I heard this news story about how Yemen is now the new Afghanistan and that the Al liqi is in hiding there while doing recruiting, and how he is on the CIA's hit list.  So, if this man is on the hit list of the most powerful nation and everyone knows where he is hiding, and it isn't like Yemen is like Afghanistan or Pakistan in size or terrain, why can't we take him out?  Why is it that Matt Damon or Leonardo Dicaprio or George Clooney aren't in Yemen planting a bomb in his house.  Why is it that a special ops team led by Eric Bana don't chopper onto his roof and assassinate him.   Why can't Al Neri dress up like a cop and shoot him while he comes down the steps to get into his limo, Why can't Luca Brazi make him an offer he can't refuse.  Why can't we surround him while he is paying the toll on Yemen freeway and mow him down with tommy guns.  Or invite him out to a nice Italian restaurant and shoot him after going to the bathroom.  Why can't we take him fishing out on Lake Tahoe and shoot him while he is praying to Allah to catch a big fish.  Why can't Tommy dig a hole for him after he tells tommy to go get his shine box.   Why can't we make this guy sleep with the fishes.  The truth is that killing a single person is very hard and it only works in movies.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Abortion Causes Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has been a hot topic for the last several years.  I have written on the subject many times myself.  Most dominantly is my belief that eliminating minimum wage would solve the illegal situation.  The left often counters any move at deporting the illegals by saying that we need this labor pool for our economy.  Putting aside the myth that illegals contribute to our economy as they often pay no taxes, send what money they do make back to Mexico, and are a drain on all of our health care system and public infrastructure, let's take the liberal argument at face value.
Now, it is estimated that there are around 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants in the United States.  Let's assume that each of those people is performing a job that is needed for our economy to survive.   Think of that number, 20 to 30 million.   Now, think of how many children have been killed through abortion.  Somewhere around 30 million.  Of course, we have been told by the left that these children are not wanted and would have been a drain on the system had they been born.  It is logical to think that had these 30 million people been born, there wouldn't have been the demand for illegal immigration. 
Now you have to ask yourself if this is an unintended consequence.  I don't believe so.  When you look at all policy decision by the left, on an individual basis, they never end up working.  When you look at all of their policies together over the last 100 years, you see the whole proportion of the beast.  Each and every policy designed to take freedom from the individual, tear apart the family, remove God, and to tear apart the American identity.
In this circumstance, they use abortion to tear apart the fabric of family and life by targeting the most helpless.  As a result of the population void that is created, they are allowed to bring in 30 million people that don't wish to be a part of a single American culture.  The point is it that this is all purposeful and devious.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

America Has Become a Prison: Life is 'doin time'

We are all just one mistake away from going to prison.  But what if we already made that mistake and didn't realize it.  What if instead of being stripped down and given a number as we are marched into our cell, we have actually been constructing the very prison we are now being housed in.  It is very cliched to say that live in a police state, but I think we have gone beyond this point.  The thought came to me as I pondered the sad state of race relations in the United States.  After so many years, you would think that we would live in perfect harmony.  This is obviously not the case.  In fact, we are all being driven from imposed segregation to self-imposed segregation.  And that is how I realized that our nation has become a prison.  If you have ever watched a prison movie or documentary, you see that prisoners all segregate themselves into racial groups, allegedly for protection.  Essentially, the prison is run by ethnically divided extremist groups, while the majority of prisoners sit back and try to not get hurt.
So what is the difference between inside and outside of prison.  The left has been hard at work forcing ethnic groups to cling to one another and not "melt" into America.  Each of these groups gets represented by various extremist group.  These groups, through their extremism, set the agenda for our nation, while the majority of Americans, or prisoners, allow it to happen.  From Gay activism to Black Panthers, from La Rassa to the Council on American Islamic Relations, and don't forget the old klan boys.  Each of these groups carve out a territory and enforce their rule through intimidation.  Instead of fighting against this, most Americcans just want to "do their time".  What a concept.  We have allowed the left to turn life into a sentence. 
It is easy to say we live in a prison because of the size and scope of our federal government and the limitations it places on our freedoms.  However, that can be considered subjective.  I think the greater evidence of our imprisonment is how we live our lives, as prisoners.  Don't you think it is time for a prison riot.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Tragedy of 71 Highway

Some 12 years or so ago, Kansas City completed a new link between the south and downtown as an extension of 71 highway running from the grandview triangle to downtown I-35/29.  There was every reason to hope.  On the other side of the border, US 69/ Overland Park Expressway, was a vital link to bridge south and north johnson county.   The idea of hopping off the suburban street and zipping on the highway at 65 miles an hour make US 69 a vital corridor.
Kansas City, eager to not be like its prosperous neighbor, decided to mess up their corridor.  Based on the fear of racism and abandonment of the urban core, Kansas City planners insisted that the new 71 highway stretch feature traffic lights instead of exit and entrance ramps for the 55th, 59th, and 75th street exits.  Putting 3 traffic lights into this new link effectively rendered it impotent.  After over a decade, not a single business has benefited from having the stop lights.  This stretch of highway has become infamous for car jackings, murders, random shootings, traffic jams, and endless wrecks brought on by the lights.
Kansas City had a chance at redemption as 65 million dollars will now be spent to make US 71 an interstate highway 49 connecting KC to Joplin and eventually New Orleans.  To do this, all of the rural direct highway access roads will be closed down, replaced with on and off ramps so as to maintain the prevailing speed on the highway.  However, missing from this plan is the chance to build such ramps the the locations in mid town that have lights.
I lament the missed opportunity Kansas City had by bowing to racial provocateurs.  Instead of using 71, most people avoid it.  If the proper ramps had been installed instead of lights, I believe that the volume of cars using this corridor would have been greatly increased.  Isn't that the goal.  If the volume is increased, there is a higher likely hood of cars exiting.  Additionally, how many people on 55th or 59th traveling east or west are happy about having to endure the long red lights.   Think of how many eastern and southern  johnson countians would have been more likely to take the quick 10 MINUTE drive down 71 to sample downtown or the plaza, if there had only been no lights.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Circular Reference of Government Spending. Lee's Summit School District Purchases Electric Trucks from KC Plant

I am a software engineer and am familiar with the dangers of creating a circular reference or an endless loop.  An endless loop could be described as a the sum of the sum of a number where the number is defined as the sum of itself.  Basically, there is no real start or end.  Most importantly, you never move beyond that string of code.  Government stimulus money works much the same way.  It feeds itself, but creates nothing.  For example, a school district in Lee's Summit, MO recently purchased several electric trucks using government grants from the Stimulus package.  These trucks were manufactured by a Kansas City, MO plant that is subsidized through Stimulus money.  The purchase of these trucks was reported as progress from Stimulus.  The problem is that the purchase of government funded trucks by a government entity using government funds produces nothing.  It is just the shuffling of government funds from one bucket to another.  Nothing is produced. 
Let's break this down further.  A truck plant opens up to make electric trucks, however, this plant can only open up so long as it receives government support as there are no market forces demanding the production of electric trucks.  Now take a government organization that is in need of trucks.  While governmental, they do have budget.  They have a demand for trucks, but not for electric trucks.  But, because they will receive a grant to help in funding the purchase of the electric trucks, they purchase the electric truck.  Remove the government funding and the whole equation falls apart.  This is why capitalism works and socialism does not because a government cannot successfully pick winners and losers and have growth in an economy. 
You know, the thing about a circular reference is that if you draw it out on paper, you get a big zero.  That is what Obama is giving to the nation.