Thursday, August 26, 2010

Obama's Mission Accomplished Moment: A Bush Redux

As the number of US troops draws down to 50k and the end of the combat mission in Iraq is declared, President Obama is set to deliver an oval office message to the nation.  Will he proudly tell us "Mission Accomplished" as bush erroneously did shortly after the invasion of Iraq was complete.  I wonder because as the telegraphed pullout ends, the violence in Iraq is increasing dramatically, with bombs and deaths of innocents.  Will Obama say Mission Accomplished as the US pullout creates a power vacuum and chaos ensues.  While I'm very excited not to have our boys in harms way, is it really a mission accomplished.  For George Bush, he was dramatically incorrect as the worst lay ahead for the United States in Iraq.  Bush was knocked off of his heels and it took several years and 2,000 lives for Bush correct course.  I wonder, however, if Obama were to declare Mission Accomplished in Iraq, and Iraq were to fall into Islamic fundamentalist chaos, if he would be incorrect.  From the average American's perspective, it would be a tragedy to see our American blood be for nothing.  I fear that chaos and and crisis is what Obama thrives on creating and exploiting.  As with all things involving Obama, a Mission Accomplished for him is a disaster for everyone else.

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Kansas Bob said...

Ever heard about this little police action they once called the Vietnam War? Time will tell if Bush's war turns out the same way. Of course we could get that national draft going and send our troops back in mass into harms way. My grandkids are 8 and 7 - I prefer that we keep them and others out of futile foreign wars.