Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Republicans: A Party of Radio

Obama has been a transformational figure in his first 20 months as President.  Unfortunately, all of his change has been negative for the country, that is, all but one.  One change that Obama has brought about is the transformation of the Republican party.  Thanks to the RINO lead congressional majorities led by Bush from 2008 to 2006, a slow tide of disenfranchisement and apathy led to Democrat majorities in 2006, followed by the election of Obama when competing against the chief RINO, McCain.  The belief by the Democrats was that America had gone socialist.  This is not even close to true.  What the Democrats misread was that their victory actually occurred because people wanted more conservatism but lost trust in all politicians, so they stayed home. 
As the Obama agenda unfolded quickly, the silent majorities collective jaws hit the floor.  They saw that the insidious left had been waiting for the right to lower their guard long enough for them to push through their agenda.  Obama knew his window was small, which is why he pushed and shoved his agenda through at all costs.  But has he pushed and shoved his legislation, he inadvertently pushed and shoved the silent majority from the slumber of apathy into the alertness of combat. 
The war was to be fought against the left, but it was also to be fought against those career politicians and party elites that had caused their apathy.  On to the scene came the "tea party".  The Tea Party, which is not a real party, served as a rallying point for all of the conservative soldiers.  The commanders of this movement, Conservative Talk Radio.  Yes, Rush, Hannity, Savage, Ingram, Levine and Beck, all serve as the leaders of this movement.  They lead by providing the intelligence the conservative soldiers needed to launch their attacks.  
It is an interesting paradigm shift in politics.  Conservative radio is nothing new.  Conservative radio has been saying to vote conservative no matter what for decades now.  They didn't parse words with elites and RINO's .  They didn't look at stategies like triangulation or the new sin of conservatism, voting for the most "electable".  It is a simple message of voting what you believe not what you think can win in a complicated electoral process.  I think the paradigm shift came in that the people decided to stop listening to the professional politicians and decided to actually vote their principles regardless of the outcome, and to do so with passion. 
Say what you will about conservative radio.  It is certainly a business and they do quite well for themselves, but so to do Michael Steele and Karl Rove.  The truth is that over the last 20 years, they have been right time and again, while the establishment has been wrong time and again.  Now, in 2010, we see that the Republican party is shedding their RINO elements and becoming a party of Radio.

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Kansas Bob said...

The problem I have with Conservative Radio is that it has little influence on anything. They were all anti-McCain during the prez primaries and McCain still got nominated. It will be interesting to see how many of their candidates win in November.