Thursday, November 18, 2010

Acquitted Terrorist, Ahmed Ghailani, Equals Victory for Obama.

When somebody does something that makes no logical sense, you have to assume that it does make sense so long as you change your definition of what sense is.  To you and I, having a terrorist be acquitted of over 200 counts of murder and terrorism because a key witness was not allowed to testify is a horrible miscarriage of justice.  It is also confirms the belief that these terrorists should be tried in military courts and not civilian courts.   We look at these results and say “how horrible” to the first and “I knew it” to the second.  As we have learned about Obama over the last 2 years, his reaction is quite different.  His reaction is “Yes” to the first and “works like a charm” to the second.  The only way for this to make sense is when you realize that, as hard as it is to believe, we have elected a president that hates our country, and not just hates, but seems to ally himself more with Islam than our own principles.   This is all subjective observation, of course.  I have no proof that this man actually feels this way.  The only evidence I have is the circumstantial evidence of a man that has bent over backwards to accommodate those that would destroy our nation.   From bowing to foreign leaders, to making NASA’s function to be an outreach to Islam.  From abandoning our Eastern European allies in the implementation of a missile shield, to shady nuclear agreements with the Russians.  From discussions about eliminating the Marines, to putting artificial time tables for ending combat in Afghanistan.  From travelling the Muslim world with words of apology on his lips, to setting up a court system that will bring no justice to those that the terrorist target.   Aside from that, I have nothing.

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