Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fox News is a Royal Triumph Over Competition

Sure we all hear about how the cable news network, FOX, has destroyed its competition at virtually every time slot.    Fox has relegated the former powerhouse CNN to the recycle bin, made msnbc look like a cable access station, and made the big 3 try to play catch up. 
Conventional wisdom says that it is Fox’s conservative leaning counter to the liberal leaning of all other television news outlets that has put Fox over the top.  I tend to agree with this.  I mean, how many Americans really like to watch a constant flow of news that tears down the fabric of our nation.  However, I think I may have come to a new conclusion as to why Fox is on the top.   I was at the gym running on the treadmill.  I was watching Fox’s morning show as I normally do.  On two of the other screens were Good morning America and CNN.  At the top of the 7:00 hour, Fox began by going over the headlines of the day.  One of the headlines was the story of Prince Harry’s engagement to Kate Middleton.   It was reported and then on to the next story.  On ABC and CNN, however, they began with the coverage of Prince Harry’s engagement as Fox did, but they continued on with the story for over 20 straight minutes.   While I agree that it is worth reporting, I don’t think it is worth reporting beyond the 30 seconds Fox gave it.  We live in the US in the middle of a government and financial crisis.  The last thing we care about is a wedding of a fake monarch.  If I was an American engaged in the issues and I like to watch ABC or CNN, I would have ended my viewership after seeing the Royal story.   This is just a sample of a pattern that has drug these stations into the abyss. 

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Kansas Bob said...

Even though it is #2 behind Fox Morning Joe works for me in the morning. I love the diversity of opinion on the show.