Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Was Right All Along on Ethanol. Ask Al Gore

One of the mainstays of my blog for a while was the idiocy of using food for energy.  The idea of using a renewable resource to power our vehicles and decrease our dependence on foreign oil is something I fully support.  However, when that renewable resource is a commodity product that is used in most food products made, I back my support off.  When that resource is only feasible as a result of government subsidies, I back my support off even more.  When I'm told it is supposed to be good for the environment, I finally remove all support.
Recently, I have read a couple of articles that have stated what I have said all along, that ethanol is a sham.  For example, one article sited the fact that the environmental impact to produce the ethanol negated any positive impact burning a cleaner fuel might provide.  Now, Al Gore has come out to say that he made a mistake in supporting ethanol made from food products, and that the use of corn ethanol has led to the food price crisis, which, outside of the US, is a significant one.   He stated that his support for ethanol was purely a political move to court favor in the presidential birthing ground, Iowa. 
Now, every point I have made at least 2 years ago has been validated, and honestly, I only used my common sense to interpret the news to draw the same conclusions that "experts" have now drawn as a result of research.  The Fox article then quotes Noel Sheppard that makes the more important point:
"So more than 10 years ago, Gore supported an expensive, 'not good policy' because he thought it would help him get elected president. Yet media don't believe he'd misrepresent the threat of manmade global warming in order to become extremely rich,"
What else needs to be said.

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Kansas Bob said...

Did Al Gore erase the Ethanol photo in your sidebar? Or did his agreement with you blow up the Blogosphere?