Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mystery Missile Explanation a Stretch?

Allegedly, the missile launch is an optical illusion.  The contrail was produced by a passenger jet combined with the effects of the setting sun and the atmospheric conditions.   This may very well be the explanation, but I'm not convinced just yet.  I can say I have never seen a contrail like this before at any time of the day.  The only time I have seen such a contrail is from documentary footage of missile launches, or shuttle launches.  I have never seen flickering flame come from the lead portion of the contrail, which I can clearly see in the video.  I have never seen a contrail from a passenger jet have a trajectory that looks like it came from the ground to the air, whereby the beginning of the trail looks very thick.    Contrails I have seen are scatter streaks caused by water vapor in the exhaust of the jet engine.  This looks to be a single plume of solid smoke, as you would expect from  a rocket.  I find the explanation to be a convenient one for the government.  The reason they would want to cover up the possible true nature of the contrail was made in my previous post.  In summary, I suppose I should just trust my government implicitly and move on.


Kansas Bob said...

I did not know that you had such contrail expertise.

jrchaard said...

I am a juliard trained expert