Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Understanding Islam as a Christian

My obligation is to love muslims and pray for them.  I must also understand that their obligation under the teachings of Muhammed in Medina, which comes after the teachings of "peace" in mecca, is to kill or convert non-muslims.  I must also understand that the image of perfection amongst muslims is Muhammed, and that their obligation is to be more like Muhammed, just as we are to be more Christ-like.  So when you know that Muhammed personally beheaded 600 - 900 men, and when you know that he consummated a relationship with a 9 year old girl, it makes it easier to understand the the world the muslims are trying to create and what you need to pray for.

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Kansas Bob said...

It took the early disciples a bit of stretching to trust the apostle Paul. I imagine that it took a long time before Protestants could trust Catholics after the Inquisitions. I hope that one day Muslims will find a way to deal with the violence in their communities in the ways that other religions have.