Thursday, December 16, 2010

Liberal Values Revealed in Tax Debate

Who doesn’t have a memory of going to the swimming pool and standing on the side with your friends daring one another to dive in first?  The fear, of course, is that the water is unbelievably cold.  So, since misery loves company, you all agree to do it together.  On the count of three, you take the plunge, or at least the most trusting of the group do.  Meanwhile, the most shady of the group stands on the side laughing at his own cunning.    Well, I heard an interesting question posed to Claire McCaskill regarding the tax issue.   She is holding the usual liberal line on saying that we need to raise taxes on the rich.   She admitted that her and her husbands combined income make them wealthy.  So the radio host asked her if she would go ahead and pay, voluntarily, the tax rates she is proposing.   Well, like the kid that wants everyone else to jump in the cold water while they watch, she does not.   She then went on to say that she uses her wealth for charity, so it is all good, for her.
This is possibly the most telling exchange with a liberal that I have ever heard.  The liberal believes that the government knows how best to use everyone’s money.   McCaskill is a liberal.  So, if she believes that the government knows how best to use the wealth of the nation, why shouldn’t she voluntarily give up her income to the federal treasury.    Claire is liberal, but not dumb.  She actually admitted that she can do more with her money through the decisions she individually makes, such as charitable giving.   If she is capable of making such decisions, aren’t the rest of us.  Of course, the same goes for the healthcare bill.  Congress and staffers are exempt.  If this is the best thing for the country, why would they be exempt, and more importantly, why do we tolerate this “More equal than others” attitude.
What I propose that will totally change the way laws are made is simple.   Any law that is passed must be applied to members of congress for one year before it applies to anyone else.  After that year, Congress is then given a chance to repeal that law.   

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Kansas Bob said...

I think that all of the current DC types are liberals.. they just vary in degree. May the newly elected Tea Partiers will be different.