Friday, December 10, 2010

Republican Tax Deal is like Lando's Deal With Darth Vader. It's Bad.

So, we already know that dealing with the Democrats is like dealing with Empire from Star Wars.  This latest tax deal is very much the same.  If you remember from Empire Strikes Back, Lando made a deal with the empire to betray his friend in order to keep the empire out of cloud city.  Lando was making the best deal he thought possible.  He compromised with Darth Vader.  To compromise, Lando could not honor his friend and his commitment as administrator of cloud city.  One of them had to suffer for the other one’s benefit, in order for him to compromise.  After having chosen to dishonor his friend, Lord Vader changed the deal, further dishonoring his friend.  Lando was upset and confront Vader saying that the new conditions were not part of the deal.  Lord Vader’s response was simply, “I’ve altered the deal, pray I don’t alter it any further.”   The moral of the story is that when you compromise with evil, only bad things can happen.   Compromise meant that Lando had to be more like the Empire than the Empire being more like him.  And after he thought he had sufficiently become a measure of the Empire, they said, not quite, and made him become even more like the empire.  Vader got everything he wanted and Lando got nothing.
And so we have the Republicans acting the same way.  They made the sucker’s choice of compromising with Darth Obama, despite the mandate not to.  They thought they could be just a little bit like the Democrats and everyone would be happy, only now they are learning that the lame duck democrats are now saying, thank you for showing that you want to be like us a little bit despite the election, now you need to be even more like us.  To do this, the house democrats blocked the compromise bill.  Now the only bill that will be agreed to will be one with more and more “empire” in it.  The Republicans need to make the choice Lando made in the end and not compromise, despite what may happen.  He honored his friend by trying to save him and the ones he cared about, and he honored cloud city by not allowing any “empire” in himself as administrator. 
The Republicans need to end the compromise and simply block all legislation until the lame duck is over.  Why in the world would they allow the lame duck democrats to push decisive legislation on taxes, immigration, DADT, and health care spending.   There was an election mandate to act counter to the way the congress is currently acting.  If they allow this tax bill to go through as is, let’s see all the way the Republicans lose.

1.       Increase in the estate tax.  Any change in the current tax code accounts for a tax increase.  By voting for this bill, the Republicans are voting for a TAX INCREASE
2.       Extending unemployment.  Is there no end.  By voting for this bill, the Republicans are increasing spending and the debt
3.       Extending the Measure for 2 years.  By voting for this bill, the Republicans are allowing for the continued uncertainty that businesses face in the tax code.
4.       Allowing for 13 months of unemployment.  By allowing a 13 month extension, it allows the Democrats to play the “cut unemployment during Christmas card again”.

What do the Republicans get?  Nothing.  Remember, this battle was just about keeping taxes as they are right now, not lowering or raising them.  This compromise is clearly beneficial to the Democrats regardless of what they cry about on MSNBC.  And to make matters worse, as I have already said, they want to alter the deal further.  Stop Darth Obama, Bobba Reid, and Emperor Pelosi.

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Kansas Bob said...

From a fiscal perspective I am okay if nothing is done. I imagine we will know by the time they break for Christmas. One thing for sure - they will not work anymore than they have to.