Friday, January 28, 2011

Knee Jerking on a Cell Phone Walk and Talk: Laws to ban walking and talking

In the series finale of Seinfeld, Jerry told Elaine that it was bad etiquette to have a serious conversation with somebody while walking with a cell phone.  That was 12 years ago when cell phones were still not in wide distribution (George was always calling jerry from a payphone).  Well, apparently some states have picked up Jerry’s etiquette and taken it to heart by considering legislation that would make ILLEGAL the use of electronic devices, such as phones and i-pods, while walking.   You are correct.  It really is as ridiculous as it sounds.  Obviously 1 or 2 people were injured as a result of distracted pedestrians.  Maybe it was some child who was texting mommy while crossing the street.   The child, tragically, may have gotten killed by an innocent car in the process.  Mommy and Daddy blame the device and the Knee Jerks pick up the scent.  The Knee Jerks, who are very keen at using every tragedy as a means of stealing your liberty, specifically your liberty to make what they determine to be a mistake, have leaped into action to call for protective knee jerk reaction. 
I wasn’t too worried that it would actually pass until I saw an equally dumbfounded news anchor ask some random people on the street if they would support the legislation.  All of them, New Yorkers, agreed.  This is madness.  When does the nerf state end?   What are people learning in school that has led them to believe that the government has a role in protecting us from our own stupidity?   Fifty years ago, it would have been a kid playing with his paddle ball, or reading a comic book.  Somehow, we made it through those dark days before the nerf of the Knee Jerks. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Netflix Instant View Annual Review

This blog has made many references to the instant view or video streaming service offered by Netflix.   I can comment with authority because I was one of the early adopters.  The concept is sound and it has great appeal to me.  In this digital age, I see little use for physical media.  I have only purchased one DVD over the last several years, and that was because it came with a downloadable digital copy.  So I was very enthused to learn that I could pick the movie or program I want and watch it when and where I want for a monthly fee that is much lower than cable.   Unfortunately, the movie selection was atrocious, a mixture of old and new B movies.  At first, I understood that only a certain number of movies could be made available as Netflix would work to license additional programs.  Unfortunately, after several years, Netflix has made little progress in expanding their library.  On the television front, there is more new content available, but on the movie front, it is still totally lacking.  I would say that for every 20 new release, A class movies, there is one made available instantly.  This is an unacceptable ratio.  Despite this ratio, Netflix is driving its business with more of a focus on streaming versus physical media.   They have pledged to spend more money licensing online content than they will for physical DVDs.  Unless this investment is significant, I fear the ratio will only improve to 4 streaming to 15 physical A class movies.
What Netflix has actually succeeded in doing is use the desire for instant gratification to water down the expectation of quality.   Millions of people are now content with getting excited about the “new” release of “the Next karate Kid” starring Hillary Swank or the release of season 2 of Barney Miller.  As of today, I’m not content with  the mediocrity of Netflix.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knee Jerking Jerks in the Wake of the Tucson Tragedy

In light of the Tucson Tragedy, I would like to alter the saying of Ben Franklin to say we can measure our Freedom by the amount of protection we are afforded against the random acts of the insane. You can't have both, so you must choose.  Sadly, so much of the horrific and intrusive laws that we have on the books have come as a result of the knee jerking of the public and politicians.  And now, in the wake of 6 dead and many more wounded from the totally random act of violence committed by an insane person, we have every manner of person searching to do what is worse than placing blame, to legislate that such an act never occurs again.    The action that results from blame is where the damage is done.
Think of how random and unpredictable this act was and how it affected a dozen out of 310 million people.  Now think about how the knee jerk will end up negatively affecting the 310 million people that were not affected.  Also think about the hundreds of millions to follow that this will affect.  Do you feel that the measures that are being called for are in proper proportion to the tragedy.  From gun control to limiting speech, the very foundation of our individual liberties is under assault.
This morning, I heard a knee jerk interview a doctor on the premise of how it is that this young man was not already locked up.  The doctor went on to state the criteria it would have taken, and how unfortunate it is that our nations laws prevent the government from, in my words, locking people up for no crime on the sole basis of the testimony of people that they may be a danger to society.   The news anchor immediately followed up to say that we need to change our laws so that, in my words, we can lock these people up. 
Since I am not a knee jerk, I can examine the logical conclusion of such laws.  When you pass a law, however benign it may seem, you must look at how that law will be interpreted by the courts and enforced by the executive branch.  You must look at it from all sides and say, “If people that I don’t agree with were in power, how would they enforce that law.” 
Let’s take the proposed law of the news anchor and doctor for instance.  If the government is given the power to incarcerate people based solely on a subjective evaluation of a person’s ability to conduct themselves in society, then that same government can lock up political opponents because that opponent is not able to function within the society that is being created by that government.  You need only look to the Soviet and Nazi model as an example.
Knee jerk laws are exclusively built on slippery slopes, the opposite of the bedrock of the laws of enumerated powers and individual freedoms.    The end result of a knee jerk often ends with a knee to the groin of the nation.  We must pray that the Republican majority in the House will stand up against the salivations of the Left.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best Blogs of 2010

Here are my best blogs for each month in 2010

12.Star Wars and Obama always go well.
11. I like being creative, especially with this little short story that let us know the slippery slope we are on.
10. I have nothing in October.  I was in a blogging dulldrums.
9.  I thought it was funny to say that Obama had munchausen syndrome by proxy.  It was also funny that Michael savage did the same thing that week about Pelosi, thinking it was totally original.
8.  In this one, I offer a theory about how illegal immigration causes abortion.
7.  Here is another short story.  This one theorizes how the second oil leak happened in the gulf.
6.  This was my only one in June.  I did think it was ironic though.  This was also the beginning of a two month break from blogging.
5.  In this one, I explain how the disappointing Lost Finale makes a case for Christ.
4.  I had several good ones in april.  In this one, I offer my Obama strategy for 2012, that is already taking shape as I predicted.   As so many people know, I love Quick Trip.  Here are some reasons why.
3,  This is one of my favorites for the year.  I compare our nation to the movie "the burbs".  Read the analogy at the end and tell me that didn't come true.  What I left out is that "Art" is the tea party movement.  Read his speech at the end. 
2.  My daughter is a true capitalist.  She wanted me to advertise for her "store".  Everything the this post says comes straight from her mouth. 
1.  In this post, I restated my 10 points of economic recovery from february 2009.  Almost 2 years later, it is still relevant.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mark Funkhouser Links Color to Crime and Murder

There is often nothing more racist than reverse discrimination.  The racism works in two ways.  The first is the racism involved in discriminating against a group because of a perceived advantage based on color.  The second is the racism involved in discriminating in favor of a group because of a perceived disadvantage based on color.  Sounds like a lose-lose to me.   Kansas City ended up having 106 homicides in 2010, a per capita murder rate higher than New York’s.  Mayor Mark Funkhouser, who is in the middle of a re-election campaign, is calling for adding more cops, which always seems to make sense.  What is different is the type of cops he is calling for.  Funkhouser believes that a police force that more closely resembles the ethnic make-up of the city is the missing ingredient for lowering murder rates.   This means increasing the number of black police officers from 14% to 40% of the force.   You can interpret this several ways. 
1.       The mayor is openly admitting that he is advocating a discriminatory method of hiring police officers. 
2.       The color of a Police Officer is crime deterrent.  The mayor’s formula is more black cops = fewer murders.
3.       It is assumed that the portion of the black population that is committing crimes will think twice if they see a black cop, implying some sort of racism by black criminals.

Here is my point, COLOR DOESN’T CAUSE CRIME, COLOR DOESN’T PREVENT CRIME.  Let’s address the proliferation of gangs and drugs.  Enough said.