Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best Blogs of 2010

Here are my best blogs for each month in 2010

12.Star Wars and Obama always go well.
11. I like being creative, especially with this little short story that let us know the slippery slope we are on.
10. I have nothing in October.  I was in a blogging dulldrums.
9.  I thought it was funny to say that Obama had munchausen syndrome by proxy.  It was also funny that Michael savage did the same thing that week about Pelosi, thinking it was totally original.
8.  In this one, I offer a theory about how illegal immigration causes abortion.
7.  Here is another short story.  This one theorizes how the second oil leak happened in the gulf.
6.  This was my only one in June.  I did think it was ironic though.  This was also the beginning of a two month break from blogging.
5.  In this one, I explain how the disappointing Lost Finale makes a case for Christ.
4.  I had several good ones in april.  In this one, I offer my Obama strategy for 2012, that is already taking shape as I predicted.   As so many people know, I love Quick Trip.  Here are some reasons why.
3,  This is one of my favorites for the year.  I compare our nation to the movie "the burbs".  Read the analogy at the end and tell me that didn't come true.  What I left out is that "Art" is the tea party movement.  Read his speech at the end. 
2.  My daughter is a true capitalist.  She wanted me to advertise for her "store".  Everything the this post says comes straight from her mouth. 
1.  In this post, I restated my 10 points of economic recovery from february 2009.  Almost 2 years later, it is still relevant.


Kansas Bob said...

Great stuff Mr Chaard! Several listed did not even mention the "O" word.

jrchaard said...

And the probability of that is very slim too.