Friday, January 28, 2011

Knee Jerking on a Cell Phone Walk and Talk: Laws to ban walking and talking

In the series finale of Seinfeld, Jerry told Elaine that it was bad etiquette to have a serious conversation with somebody while walking with a cell phone.  That was 12 years ago when cell phones were still not in wide distribution (George was always calling jerry from a payphone).  Well, apparently some states have picked up Jerry’s etiquette and taken it to heart by considering legislation that would make ILLEGAL the use of electronic devices, such as phones and i-pods, while walking.   You are correct.  It really is as ridiculous as it sounds.  Obviously 1 or 2 people were injured as a result of distracted pedestrians.  Maybe it was some child who was texting mommy while crossing the street.   The child, tragically, may have gotten killed by an innocent car in the process.  Mommy and Daddy blame the device and the Knee Jerks pick up the scent.  The Knee Jerks, who are very keen at using every tragedy as a means of stealing your liberty, specifically your liberty to make what they determine to be a mistake, have leaped into action to call for protective knee jerk reaction. 
I wasn’t too worried that it would actually pass until I saw an equally dumbfounded news anchor ask some random people on the street if they would support the legislation.  All of them, New Yorkers, agreed.  This is madness.  When does the nerf state end?   What are people learning in school that has led them to believe that the government has a role in protecting us from our own stupidity?   Fifty years ago, it would have been a kid playing with his paddle ball, or reading a comic book.  Somehow, we made it through those dark days before the nerf of the Knee Jerks. 

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Kansas Bob said...

You obviously do not like lawyers because laws like this keep them in business.