Monday, January 3, 2011

Mark Funkhouser Links Color to Crime and Murder

There is often nothing more racist than reverse discrimination.  The racism works in two ways.  The first is the racism involved in discriminating against a group because of a perceived advantage based on color.  The second is the racism involved in discriminating in favor of a group because of a perceived disadvantage based on color.  Sounds like a lose-lose to me.   Kansas City ended up having 106 homicides in 2010, a per capita murder rate higher than New York’s.  Mayor Mark Funkhouser, who is in the middle of a re-election campaign, is calling for adding more cops, which always seems to make sense.  What is different is the type of cops he is calling for.  Funkhouser believes that a police force that more closely resembles the ethnic make-up of the city is the missing ingredient for lowering murder rates.   This means increasing the number of black police officers from 14% to 40% of the force.   You can interpret this several ways. 
1.       The mayor is openly admitting that he is advocating a discriminatory method of hiring police officers. 
2.       The color of a Police Officer is crime deterrent.  The mayor’s formula is more black cops = fewer murders.
3.       It is assumed that the portion of the black population that is committing crimes will think twice if they see a black cop, implying some sort of racism by black criminals.

Here is my point, COLOR DOESN’T CAUSE CRIME, COLOR DOESN’T PREVENT CRIME.  Let’s address the proliferation of gangs and drugs.  Enough said.   

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