Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Constitutional Right for Protection Against Unions

The right of an individual to receive work as or for a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited corporation, or corporation as defined by the laws within the state of business or incorporation shall not be abridged by the federal government.  The right for individuals to unionize shall reside within each state.  However, no individual shall be compelled to be a part of a union nor shall any business entity be compelled to require union membership.  No business entity shall be awarded or forbidden commerce from the treasury of either federal or state governments based on the union status of the business entity.   Unionization and collective bargaining are expressly forbidden for any public employees.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Constitutional Right to Risk

I propose a new constitutional amendment.

"The right for one to be harmed through their own willful actions shall not be abridged by any government of these United States.  Wherein the harm comes through the efforts of another, but through no gross negligence, and through the fully informed consent of the harmed, no action may be brought either civilly or criminally.   Any damages, civil or criminal, for actions done through gross negligence shall be decided within the state the negligent act occurred.  The power to decide cases of negligence shall reside within the states alone.  "

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Constitutional Right to Failure

I propose a new constitutional amendment:
"The right to fail and to suffer the consequences of failure shall not be abridged, nor shall the federal government enact legislation that provides relief for such an individual, group or organizations failure, whether governmental or non-governmental."