Monday, March 14, 2011

Beck Pulled From KMBZ. Time to Celebrate?

Today I heard a mixed bag of news.  The local affiliate in Kansas City has joined a growing number of stations in removing Glenn Beck from their line-up due to declining ratings.   Apparently, they are down in several cities, such as new york and philly.  Additionally, his fox news show is down 26% with a  chance of being yanked off the air.  Now, personally, I can’t stand Beck.  Not because of his conservatism, or even most of the stories he covers.  Rather, I can’t stand the melodrama.  I can’t stand the tears.  I can’t stand him telling us that the world is going to come to an end, and that buying gold will somehow solve everything.   I appreciate his audio and many of his exclusive stories.  I have only seen his tv show twice, and that was enough to let me know that I don’t want watch anymore.  I prefer to listen to Laura Ingraham in the morning over Glenn Beck.  When the affiliate’s stream that I used to listen to Ingraham no longer worked, I switched back to Beck.  It took one week before I had to find another streaming feed to listen to Laura.  So if I, as a conservative, can’t stand Beck, I’m not surprised by the post-election ratings drop.  It also doesn’t surprise me when I realize that there is no “tea party” activity as there once was 2 years ago.
However, my jubilation is tempered as I further read the story.  It appears that some of these decisions to pull Beck from the radio are based on boycotts.   When the story says that stations are “committing” to not air the Beck program, that tells me that something more than ratings are at play.  If this is happening due to his exposure of the leftists and communists with the government and non governmental organizations, then I fear more than I am jubilant.


Kansas Bob said...

Sounds like good old fashioned free market capitalism has knocked on Beck's door. Guess the system works.

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