Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bowling for Qaddafi

I remember during the 2008 campaign when Obama went to go bowling with the simpletons.  His bowling performance was classically atrocious.  Then I also remember his efforts at throwing first pitch.  The result was the stereotypically girly style throw of a wimp that would be depicted in a movie.   Either way, it was a naked revelation of just a few of Obama’s shortcomings.   Of course, when it comes to sports, who really cares at how well he can perform.  Unfortunately, the whole world is experiencing another one of Obama’s bowling moments, only this time it is in the form of our foreign policy with Libya.    The noviceness of his dealings and leadership is so disheartening as an American.  If this were translated into bowling, we have a negative score.  Per my previous post, it is clear that there is no military or moral mandate for intervention, but where I become disheartened is the blatant neglect and indifference he shows toward the gravity of what he has gotten us engaged it.  So far, we have spent over 100 million dollars bombing targets to help fortify a rebel alliance made up by people that are not friends of the US.  We have lost a 30 million dollar jet and put our service men’s lives at risk.  We have gathered a coalition so fractured that after only a few days, it is already falling apart, which will leave us with the whole burden.  He has committed us via the air when air alone has never gotten the job done, opening us up to a 3rd ground conflict.   His spokespeople have managed to state our position in every manner of contradiction, leaving everyone in the world wondering where the US does stand.  He has committed our country to a military action WHILE OVERSEAS, leaving him unavailable to questioning by Congress or any other domestic source.  He has usurped his own stated doctrine of what it would take to commit US forces in which consent of Congress would be requested first.    As a matter of fact, he has just side stepped the legislative branch all together. 
But while some would chalk this up to pure incompetence, I say it is deliberately done.  This is such a blunder for US foreign policy, its only effect is to weaken our position internationally, further hurt our economy, and further blur the line of what a President is allowed to do.    I’m starting to hear calls for impeachment.  Will this man even finish out his term.

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