Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Number One Warning Sign for A Bad Presidential Candidate

For those believers in change and for those of us that knew better, I think we have learned a very important lesson from the 2008 election when it comes to choosing any person for any political office.  Here is the number one warning sign you are dealing with a bad candidate.  If they say it is time for a (fill in ethnicity, gender, religion) president.  Once a candidate or potential candidate uses their ethnicity, gender, or religion as a means for advocating their candidacy, you know that person is lacking what it really takes.  Such a statement or position is very indicative of a lack of platform, or as a means of distracting people from an unpopular platform, i.e. "sure I want to raise your taxes, bankrupt the budget, balloon the size of government, socialize the economy, and diminish our strength around the world, but put those things aside, don't you think it is time for a ____ President."   Just in case you think I'm only thinking of one person, guess again.  Such a position is ideologically neutral.
The number 2 warning sign of a Bad Presidential Candidate is anyone that wants to run for the Presidency.

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Kansas Bob said...

Maybe it is time for a female republican candidate.. I hope not.. but if so it will definitely not be a time for a female president. :)