Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gulf Oil Spill: 1 Year Later

The Gulf Oil Spill served as the first crisis outside of the deficit that Obama had to face.  With his reaction, or lack of action, we got a glimpse into the Obama that would reign over a series of disasters.   What we saw was a man more concerned over bureaucracy than results, i.e. the coast guard inspecting boats for the proper number life jackets, delaying containment vessels.  He was more concerned with advocating unions, i.e. he did not suspend requirements for unions to do certain jobs as has always been done by presidents during crisis.   He was more concerned with using the crisis to promote his green agenda, which is actually only a front for hurting American business, i.e. he suspended drilling in the Gulf, while facilitating it for other nations.  He was able to bully a corporate giant and hold the government out as the entity to get the job done, i.e. he extorted 20 billion dollars from BP for damages and replaced them as the primary claim handler.  However, many people’s claims still have not been handled, yet the extorted BP is to blame.  We saw a lack of understanding of the office of the presidency by his ignoring the plight of those in the Gulf.    We saw a man more focused on jamming healthcare legislation down the American people’s throats, even though health care reform was not on the top of American’s priorities.  All of this happened during the summer of recovery, where the only thing that we did see recover was the gulf, from the oil spill despite Obama.  Since then we have seen Obama ignore every legitimate uprising in places like Iran, while throwing his support in favor of Al Queda friendly militants in Libya.  We have seen him fly over the storm ravaged south on his way to fundraising events in the west despite knowing that 45 people were killed during an outbreak of severe weather.  We have seen him parade every manner of celebrity up to the white house while snubbing the Israeli Prime Minister.   We saw him jet off to Brazil to help expand Brazilian oil exploration through US tax payer money while simultaneously launching a 3rd war in the middle east.   We have seen so much of who Obama is, unfortunately we haven’t seen the last of what he is capable of.


Kansas Bob said...

I understand your concerns about Obama and the govt and agree with you. Even so, BP is the culprit and is still drilling and taking risks to meet deadlines. I do not think that much has change din the past year.

jrchaard said...

OH sure, BP blew it big here. Of course, there is also something said about how regulations have forced such operations to happen in such treacherous waters

Kansas Bob said...

BP actions are good reason why regulations are needed.