Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama’s Budget a Poseidon Adventure

As I listen to Barrak Hussein Obama speak about his plans for fiscal responsibility and his total denial that the government programs he and those like him created have bankrupted the government, I’m reminded of the classic Gene Hackman movie, the Poseidon Adventure.  If you recall from the movie, the Poseidon was hit by a gigantic wave and flipped upside.  Most of the survivors were located in the grand ballroom, for which the ceiling was now the floor.  Gene Hackman’s character realized the situation was hopeless in that they were underwater and needed to get out as soon as possible.  He tried to convince everyone that for them to survive, they would need to take a dangerous path to the bottom of the ship.  Unfortunately, the ship’s purser (the equivalent to a hotel manager) told everyone that they would be safe and the best thing was to stay put.    Despite their obvious predicament, the purser felt staying under water was the best approach to getting out from under the water.  Does that sound familiar?
Here in 2011, our ship, America, has been flipped upside down by a wave of debt and fiscal irresponsibility.  We are now under water in debt.   There are two competing beliefs in how to get out from under the debt and survive.  We either ignore reality and stay in debt as Obama’s plan would have us do, or we take the risk to climb out of debt to freedom, even though there will be casualties.  If you have ever seen the movie, then you know how it ends.  The people that chose to ignore reality were drowned, just as we will drown in debt.  The people that went against the conventional wisdom by going to the bottom of the ship to get out were saved, just as we must crawl through all the layers of government programs and get back to the bottom of spending before we can be saved from our debt.   Will you support Paul Ryan as Gene Hackman, or Obama as the purser. 


Kansas Bob said...

So glad that Ryan/Hackman is swimming to the surface and eliminating Medicare as we know for you folks under 55. The GOP says that you all will be able to participate "in the same kind of health plan that members of Congress do". Yeah for you guys! Yeah for United Health Care!

jrchaard said...

I'm okay with that. Eliminate the hope an entitlement and people will plan accordingly. I say get rid of social security while they're at it.

Kansas Bob said...

Ever wonder why Medicare came into existence? Good luck getting coverage by private health insurers when you are 70.