Monday, April 18, 2011

Repeal the 16th Amendment: Enact a National Sales Tax

I hate the income tax and what it represents.  The adoption of the income tax signaled the beginning of the end of liberty and increase in government power.  The income tax, through rate and code, has been a tool of manipulation by politicians for nearly 100 years.  The majority of our country existed without an income tax. I propose a national sales tax to replace the income tax.  What's great about this is that even illegals pay this tax.

The power of the federal government to collect taxes from income shall be repealed.   Congress shall have the power to establish a tax on the sale of all goods or services, the rate of which shall be determined through the act of Congress.   No good or service shall be taxed at a rate different from any other good or service.  No person or entity shall be exempt from the payment of a sales tax for any good or service.   The sales tax may not increase by more than 2 percent within a 365 day period, but may decrease at any time by any rate.


Kansas Bob said...

Couldn't the 16th amendment simply be revised to make it a sales tax?

Tax rates are the lowest in the last 70 years. The problem is spending not taxing. Not that I like taxes.

jrchaard said...

We can look at it at say that the problem is spending. I agree, but spending is only a symptom of the true problem which is giving the federal government so much of our money and the power to do things with it. If we didn't give them the money in the first place, we wouldn't have this problem, not like this at least.

Kansas Bob said...

The issue is with the type of government that we have and the people that we elect to governmental positions.