Friday, April 1, 2011

UN Workers Killed in Afghanistan. Is This How Spreading Freedom Looks?

Part or our missions in Iraq and Afghanistan has been to promote freedom.  It is one of the reasons we are now engaged in Libya.  Unfortunately, our mission has one fundamental flaw.  While we might all want to believe that every person has a natural yearning to be free, we must also realize that man is fallen.  Our freedom is unique around the world in that we have based our freedom on the existence of God the Father.   Without God the Father as the cornerstone to freedom, it will not exist.  It really does not exist anywhere else in the world, and actually exists in a very diminished capacity in the United States as we have spent the last 70 years trying to remove God the Father.   When we try to implement our version of Freedom in other nations, that freedom will be expressed based on the spiritual beliefs of the host nation.   In the middle east for example, when we try to implement that freedom, the underlying spiritual values take priority, leading to sharia law.   In Afghanistan recently, such freedom has been used to behead and murder 12 UN workers.    Brutal according to us, but not because of our freedom, but because our nation was founded by people that believed in the Christian God, a God of love and compassion, and of relationship.   But one of our freedoms is the freedom of religion.  The goal in this freedom was to be allowed to worship God without a state church or other external pressure.  That faith was to be expressed voluntarily.   But, this freedom was written by Christian or Christian friendly people without the thought of an oppressive religion like Islam sharing that freedom.   When we install the same constitution in another country, like Afghanistan, we only see sharia, and not Christian tolerance, because the truth is that what made us who we were was the belief in Christ, not our Constitution.    As we have eliminated Christ from the equation, we have seen an increase in the size of government and a loss of freedoms.  For example, do you think any of the founders would have tolerated abortion?  The sensibilities of the day wouldn’t even allow them to envision such a practice, not because of what was in the Constitution, but because of what was in the bible.   With this understanding, we must adjust our thinking internationally.  We must not expect to set up little US clones in countries that have no similar spiritual values.  Our missions should be to minimize threats to our national interests, but not to spread our culture.  This is the work of God and his believers.  Whenever we assume God’s role, we meet with failure.

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Kansas Bob said...

We need to get our military out of Afghanistan and many other places around the world.