Thursday, May 5, 2011

From the Age of Innocence to The Age of Confirmation: Why do We Question Bin Laden's Death.

If there once was an age of innocence, I would say we now live in the age of confirmation.  It is as if the “Show Me” state mentality of Missouri has spread across the entire nation.  I came to this realization not from the Bin Laden photo scandal, but from a personal anecdote.  You see, I was waiting at the vending machine as a young lady struggled to get it to take her money.  Once the full sum was accepted, she entered her selection into the key pad.  An immediate gasp of shock and disappointment came from her mouth as the wrong item was dispensed.  The machine was not in error, rather, the young lady had pressed the wrong keys.    Her mistake was immediate and irreversible.   The spectacle got me thinking, why so much shock.  And then I realized that she, like myself, sits in front of a computer all day.  All day long, whenever she is tries to execute a command of some sort, she is always given the choice “Are you Sure you want to ….” , “Please confirm….”.  She has gotten used to having that fail safe available before she makes a decision, so when she put her money into the vending machine, she wasn’t very careful to enter the correct choice because she has become used to having to provide confirmation. 
The same process that causes a person to become lax when entering information is the same process that is causing conspiracy theories to run rampant.  Conspiracy theories are nothing new, from Elvis’ birth to JFK’s assassination, our country loves a conspiracy.  Ever since 9/11, however, I would say that the conspiracy theorist is going more and more mainstream.   At first, you could blame the internet for providing an undisputed forum for any persons theories.  People can even use any number of software programs to alter video and sound.  I for one, never believe a shocking internet video because I know there are professionals that put these things out.   Over the last 3 years, we have been dealing with the Obama birth certificate movement.  For some reason, the conspiracy around Obama’s birth never died down as he had hoped.  In fact, the movement only grew and grew to the point that the President had to provide full documentation.  And now that documentation itself is suspect.  The former “birther” movement has now evolved into the “deather” movement regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden.  
Until this afternoon, I wanted to believe such paranoia existed because of the mistrust of our President and government in general.  Three minutes in front of a vending machine has changed my mind.  I now believe that it is because of the subconscious imprinting of millions of computer users that is the cause.  It is like a ludivigo treatment from “A clockwork Orange”, only we don’t have to have our eyes propped open.  Every few minutes, we are asked “Are we sure”.   Every few minutes, we are asked to “Confirm” something.  After each of these actions, we are told it will be “okay”.   If I’m asked to confirm and be sure of everything I do, it is easy to believe that I would apply that to others.  For example, a President announces that somebody has died.  Our first question is “Are you sure”, and “please confirm”, after which we will be okay with the announcement.  It has just become second nature at this point.  And when it doesn’t happen, our natural response is to “cancel” what is said.   
Now that you have read my theory, don’t you want some sort of confirmation.  Didn’t you ask yourself, “is he sure”, and thus I have proven my theory.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Operation Bin Laden Movie

I think the story of Bin Laden’s death is worthy of a movie.  I don’t think the plot would be very difficult and would offer a perfect story arc for the 9/11 tragedy.  Here is my idea.

The movie opens with news footage of the twin towers being attacked and collapsing.   It continues with footage of people sifting through the rubble culminating in the George Bush speech through the blow horn.  Next, flash to a special operations mission in Tora Borra Afghanistan where troops are closing in on Bin Laden, only to come up empty handed.  So we begin with failure, now we swing the story to a slowly building success story, beginning with the capture of KSM and others, along with their interrogations.  The next 30 to 40 minutes of the movie shows the intelligence cat and mouse games that were played out over 8 years.   Finally, we come to September 2010 when we finally know where Bin Laden is located.  The key to this story is that no presidential administration is ever mentioned.  The story only focuses on the foot soldiers doing the work.  We never see generals or secretaries or presidents.  This is a grunt perspective movie.   So, now the plan for Bin Laden’s death is put together, we then see life in Afghanistan for the seal time that carries out the final mission.  We get to know who these guys are.  There needs to be some real character development done.  We need to know the hardships their families back home endure.  We need to know why they do what they do.  We need to know the pain they have suffered during the war.   Since they have a plan, the movie will then focus on the training and training and training.  The culmination of the movie would be a 40 minute play by play of the actual operation in the tradition of the TV show 24 where 40 minutes will mean an actual 40 minutes.  The finale of the movie will show the body of Bin Laden splashing into the sea.  We will trace its descent deeper and deeper into the darkness as the credits roll and there is silence.   

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killed by US Action

This is not the end, nor is it the beginning of the end, this is the end of Bin Laden.  I wish his death meant the same to the fight against terrorism as the death of Hitler meant to the end of the Third Reich.